GearJunkies has hit the rumor mill again with photos and specs on a new Korg keyboard called the TR. Apparently, it’s real — see the Japanese spec page. Built-in USB, pattern and groove sequencing, and basic sampling features with recording onto SD media could be cool. But here’s a back to the future moment for you: it has 64 MB of PCM ROM sounds. According to GearJunkie’s linked specs, that’s “64 MB PCM waveform memory is jammed with new sample data and programs, including new dynamic and spacious piano and acoustic instrument sounds.”

Ah, yes, there’s nothing like the spacious piano and acoustic sounds in 64 MB of ROM. (Kids, this is a joke. Ask your elders some time about what keyboards were like in the early 90s. Yes, before Reason and NI Kontakt.)

Korg has been coming up with some great hardware lately. I’ll go see if I can find out some non-rumor information on this, though sometimes it takes a while for info from Korg Japan to reach Korg USA, so they may know as little about this as we do. And maybe that “spacious” quote is just a translation error.

UPDATED: Don’t know why Gear Junkies didn’t notice this, but there’s English-language information on Korg’s website. No pricing there, but I’ll work on a full write-up with more soon. And it does look like the basic idea is going retro here, with some “classic” Korg sounds. -PK

  • Symbiotic

    Korg has been using the same soundbanks and basic synthesis engines since they released the M1, IMHO. If you listen closely, the M1, O1W, X-series, Trinity, Triton, Karma, etc. they all have very similar soundsets. The electric grand patch is a good reference.

    While I think Korg has been doing some cool stuff recently, their keyboards are not making significant strides in the sound department…

  • Guest

    If you translate it literally, it's kind of funny. "Centering on the piano sound, a bountiful emanating sound is realized" I guess they must have devoted 6 whole MB to the piano!?

  • Guest

    MicroKorg was launched in July 2002 – and it was just a repackaged MS2000 (launched in January 2000). Surely it's about time for a major new keyboard at the cheap-but-cool end of the market? About a quarter of the bands I saw at both Live8 and Glastonbury seemed to have MicroKorgs, so it's got to be a hot market.

    (It's me, Tom, BTW. Nice post Peter!)

  • Guest

    Korg US knows about this. They had one on display at Musicplayer Live two weeks ago. I think you were there, weren't you, Peter?

  • admin

    Yes, I was at MusicPlayer. No, they didn't tell me they had a new keyboard — and I was too distracted by OASYS and Kaptivator to, uh, pay attention. Sorry. But I'll ask them about it. I'm guessing it's an economy model — and in that case, it could be quite nifty to have around. Sorry, Brent, I don't necessarily agree that Korg has just been rehashing old stuff — true to a point, but I'll be talking more about their newer gear soon.


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    • Januar

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  • Januar

    Wow, what a great keyboard.. KORG always makes new breakthrough. Does anyone know about the price range?