Audio developer and blog personality Chris Randall at Analog Industries has acquired a Wayfar MidiNES cartridge. This gem is a genuine 8-bit NES cartridge that converts your Nintendo game system into a MIDI device so you can sequence it, control it with other devices (with some work), etc. Chris is blogging the results: he’s got initial impressions and a more detailed review with MP3 demo and even a Cubase/Nuendo device map you can download.

Best of all, Chris is taking my suggestion of rack-mounting an NES for music purposes. That’s the good news. The bad news is, he thinks he’s going to get my Nintendo DS when he’s done. I don’t want to shake his motivation, so, erm, sure, Chris, you *might* wind up with my DS when it’s done.

Let’s see, I did technically say: “I’ll find some kind of prize. You can have my Nintendo DS or something.” So now I just have to figure out what “or something” could be . . . Stay tuned. Chris, sure you don’t want to trade an imported DS Lite for my ‘classic’ DS? -PK

  • Tim

    Wayfar midines is a scam.

    Dont trust wayfar. They take your money and leave you with nothing.

    I paid for midines 2 months ago, sent numerous emails to wayfars so called support, with no reply and opened a paypal dispute which will probably go no where.

    Beware of these scamming pieces of crap!!!

  • Benjamin Bear

    wayfar is probably backed up on account of being one person…give him a little bit and you'll get your cartridge.

  • mark

    hey fuck i pai for a midines in june and am still waiting!!! i cant believe i'm still waiting, and there others too?!!!? what the fuck?

  • Tim

    i understand some1 being backed up and im not normally like this. The demand is high and its a lot for one person. But c'mon, how hard is it to reply to at least 1 of my many many emails. even if it was to say "haha, i screwed you" or whatever. A courtesy email after payment would be nice. I dont understand how this can even be a business. i purchased it around the start of june, its now october.

  • mark

    this is absolute scum. paid 120AUS for this thing, and stil no reply or package. this guy is the biggest cunt that exists in swampland-arsehole-map. reeking shit made into trees, this guy lives in the swamp shit infested cunt lands. When am i going to get my package or refund!??? please someone open a blog or website for the discussion of those who have been cheated by this fuck. why isnt anyone doing anything about it???? lets take action for fucks sake, if there are alot of us, then we could get paypal to nail his cunt ass and we get the paid for package or the money back.!!! hurry

  • Tim


    Your 100% right tho. Everyone talks but no one does anything.

    Paypal doesnt work. I filled a complaint. and won. What did i win. Nothing. Paypal said they ruled in my favour, but he had no money in his paypal account so no refund and they couldnt get in contact with him. If he puts money in his account they say ill get a refund, but im not holding my breath. that was mayb 4 or 5 months ago.

    Whats next?

  • Tim

    apparently its on the way.

    Ive heard it before so who knows???

  • mark

    well that was in September. I paid for a midines in june! stil waiting….

    any more info on this whole issue? i want the fucking thing already!

  • cris

    hey i feel ya. i bought mine on 5/21/08 and ive yet to recieve it or any emails. all i find are small tidbits of info on various forums saying "im backed up on orders." i know this post isnt of any help but i feel your pain.

  • Phillip

    I completely agree that Wayfar are scammers. I also paid over 5 months ago (in June) and still to this day I have no response, no product, nothing. I also agree that Paypal's customer service effort is so bad as to be comical. So basically, we have all been scammed and I doubt the product in question even exists.

    I am fine with him being backed up on orders (heck, I am happy for the guy, having business coming out the ears) but really…to go AWOL after taking the money is fraud, plain and simple.

    What's kind of fun, I was able to look up the address of the guy, Chris Kann using WHOIS records. Not that I advocate harassment, but it would be easy enough to send a strongly worded letter…

  • vectrex

    ATTENTION: If you Paid with credit card via paypal phone your credit card company and get them to reverse the charges, they will poke paypal with a large stick and then you should get your money back.

    worked for me and a few others, definitely a SCAM

  • fred

    so when did you pay for the midines? i think i will try this as well in the coming weeks/months. but i'd rather get the cunting midines instead of my money. I guess that is no longer possible. i dont think this not-real, the midines that is, i've seen and heard things about it in the past. i think those of us simply got fucked in the arse at the wrong time, simultaneusly. i think someone should open a forum or something so we can finally get this wack cunt charged with fraud. why are we just standing on the cliff here with our dicks in the wind? i desire justice, not pity.when i come back from travelling I hope to see a larger discussion of the mr.anonymous's taking action against this still-born cunt. back next year.

  • samus

    i paid for one in january of last year and was starting to get a bit worried when feb had passed and it hadn't arrived. but alas, it finally showed up on my doorstep in mid march. best of luck to all of you! i think wayfar maybe needs to hire some help. btw midines is fucking awesome

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  • chaz

    Did you guys ever get your MidiNES? I ordered one in August 2008, it's now mid-January and the thing hasn't arrived. After reading these comments, I'm starting to get pissed.

  • Tim

    Ive been waiting 9 months still no word.

    Everywhere i post, people keep defending him. Blah blah blah his one man, just loads of bullshit.

    Theres no excuse. He scammed everyone. I hope he enjoys my money.

  • Tim

    Theres seems to be more and more people getting fucked over by this douche…

  • chris

    I purchesed my Midines from Wayfar via Paypal in October 2008 and it is now almost May 2009,that's 8 months. No response….no emails back…notta. He has time to go to the bank and take money out of his paypal and check if payment was recieved, but not enough time to give an estimate….

    …wayfar you are a piece of thieving crap. I bought one off ebay recently version 1.1.0 but whatever, at least I got it within 2 days of payment.

  • Joel

    I got mine in the mail yesterday and I ordered it just 6 days ago. Guess I'm just lucky or XIK got his shit together. In any event, it's a great little piece of hardware.

  • Michael Seifert

    To anyone who has been ripped off by Wayfar/Chris Kann. I waited 8 months, tried to be a nice guy, etc. This guy is bad news. My wife is an attorney and I want to help everyone who's been wronged by this guy. If you want to join our class action lawsuit, email me at

    I will pay ALL legal costs in bringing this guy to justice. He crossed the wrong guy this time and I want to make sure justice is served and people get their equipment or their money back immediately.

  • Michael Seifert

    Wow! A half dozen responses from people who have been wronged by this guy in just 3 hours! Maybe this guy is screwing more people over than I thought!

  • chris


    any news?

    still nothing huh?

  • turboghetto

    same for me, no response…still waiting.

  • nomidines

    i paid for mine 04-10. i don't even know if this guy's even alive anymore, except for the fact paypal shows payment recieved. does anyone know if he's even is business anymore, i see knothing about him after '08. you would think with the number of compaints they would shut down his paypal account. and who the hell's hosting that god-awful website that hasn't been updated in years. lets get that turned off to. i read about a guy who got his cart after waiting 2or3 yrs. he did it by going through one of wayfar's friends & posting a lot of complaints about his exp. & his attempts to contact wayfar. btw his excuses about back orders are total bs. there are companies that will etch & assemble circuit boards in bulk for super cheap, most based in canada. if hes had the demand he claims for all this time, theres no excuse not to look into one of these services, look at what retrozone did. they outsource most thier work, i buy frequently & they ship less than a week. also i am in the process of designing my own midi cart. if anyone wants to help let me know. i can think of plenty of ways to improve upon his cart. (how bout a built in- battery backed seqencer, or more customizable gfx, sd slot?)

  • Z

    I got "scammed" too. Never received mail back. Never received product. I do have so interesting news:

    His name is Chris Kann, I have obtained his address and phone number as well as the address and phone number of his parents! I'm not gonna go harass him, I already came out with this info and would rather skip the cops and just get my hundred bucks the legal way…but,

    if youre not that type just send an email and I will be more than happy to give you this public information for your own records.

  • nomidines

    so i made a dispute with paypal. but it was not enough just to do so, i had 2 call them in person. when you do this, don't just talk to the guy who answers the phone. his job is just to put u in the automated system an email you a survey. ask to talk to a tier #2 supervisor, or available supervisor. then tell him about your experience and be sure to quote the new federal financial regulation "E", my sister-in-law manages a bank and got me hip 2 it, is regulates internet transactions. and paypal IS, BY LAW, REQUIRIED to reimburse your money. she went through the same problem when someone hacked her itunes account. but keep pressing the issue with thier supervisor! he's not allowed to hang up on you & don't use profanity but just don't take "no" for an answer! my claim was to old for paypal to investigate, but i made him re-open the dispute. i also threatened paypal with litagation for complicity to wire fraud (hopefully you wont have to go this far with it ) but now wayfar labs has 10 days to provide me with a ups tracking # or refund my money. and it doesn't matter if he has funds in his paypal accnt or not. paypal will reimburse you then send the case to local FBI investigators. don't let paypal tell you he has to have the funds available, bcause its a lie. i did the research & paypal recently changed thier policies to comply with the new fed regulation. SO CALL PAYPAL & GET YOUR $$$ BACK! it doesn't matter how long it's been! he still has an account with them! btw they need the complaints to shut down his paypal! they said it depends on the ratio of positive to neg feedback. he has verry positive feedback on his ebay account, and if he screws a couple customers a month on his website, no one notices, beacause paypal's computer wont send up a flag to a human investigator until the -feedback reaches over 50%, so they need customers to complain about thier experiences in person, not just file an automated dispute on thier website. Remember, they need the testomony to be allowed to shut his account down, or take the shopping cart off his website. until then hes going to continue to rip off customers. i don't feel sympathy for him. struggling genius or not, HE PERSONALLY made a conscious decision to enter the business world, and he has legally binding obligations to his customers. his been doing this since 2007! if he is willing to correct the situation & work & communicate with his customers im all 4 it, but until then, it's not right, and he must be stopped. so please, even if your tired of the fight & given up your dispute, or still have hope he'll mail you your cart. (btw i DO make homebrew carts in my kitchen table with poor tools & i could probally crank out a dozen in 3-4 hours if i had to, its not that hard) please at least call paypal & let them know what's going on & that people are being fleeced because untill you do, they don't know your still waiting for your merch.

    well i hope this helps someome out there even if it just makes you a wiser shopper, ALWAYS RESEARCH YOU SELLERS! google them if you have to.

  • nomidines

    well, just got a FedEx tracking #, guess it's on it's way (well, maybe), lotta BS though to put up with. If you want to buy from him, I suggest to get one from his Ebay store. You don't want to go through the hastle I did.

  • nomidines

    Well, finally got my midines. It works good. looks like this will be my last post. just wanted to update the progress in case this is of benefit to anyone out there.

  • chaz

    nomidines: Which part of financial regulation "E" did you quote? I don't see where PayPal is required to reimburse my money… But I did call, and spoke to a supervisor, and opened a claim. Unfortunately I paid for a MidiNES in August 2008, PayPal won't take any real action because the transaction is older than 45 days! Argh. I hate this guy.

  • nomidines

    Chaz- my claim was about 80 days old. when u call make sure you speak to a manager or 2nd tier supervisor, don't just talk to someone in the call center. tell them about this guy, and that he has a history of ripping people off. your transaction info is still on file with paypal, so they can verify it. tell them that you are familliar with the new Fed regulations, and the new paypal policies (because they have recently changed). tell them you spoke with other dissatisfied customers of his, and demand he not be allowed to accept paypal transactions on his website. just do whatever you think is prudent to your case, but do not take no for an answer! eventually, you will get through to someone that will help. when paypal jumped on his ass, he mailed the midines off right away. so you will get results. but you have to assert your rights to paypal. they don't seem to train thier staff very well, and are hesitant to let people know about thier new policies. tell them the midines website's suggested shipping time is 4-8 weeks which is longer than paypal's dispute time of 30 days. they gave me the same b.s. they are telling you, but i kept complaining, and eventually, i got a rep that made "an exception" and re-opened my case. (i'm sorry i should have gotten his name & position), but just don't give up. they have to refund your money BY LAW! the new regulations declare that any internet business that oversees transactions between 2 parties is responsible for ensuring those transactions. basically, they have to make him pay, or they have to pay. otherwise, what paypal is doing falls somewhere between loadsharking, and money laundering. besides, what the hell is the point of going through palpal, if they aren't going to secure your transactions. they're responsible for making sure someone dosen't run away with your money

  • nomidines

    Chaz look up –

    reg E electronic fund transfers

    12 cfr 205


    205.1, 205.3, 205.6, 205.9, 205.13, and 205.14. Also if your paypal is linked to a bank account or debit card, you can also yell at your bank and demand an investigation. They need you business more than paypal does, and they are required by law to tell consumers about the new regulations. and are also obliged to follow them. have your personal banker start a unauthorized transaction investigation. reg 205.9 says that wayfar has to provide you with a reciept or invoice (which of course he hasn't),so they are already committing fraud. this constitutes an un authorized transaction (you just didn't "donate" the guy $100 for no reason did you)? The bank will give you the money, then get the FBI involved to recover thier funds from him. (just like paypal would). I know this for a fact because i have family in the banking industry. I first went to them to get help, they just suggested to go through paypal first. mainly because paypal already has this guys personal info & has records of his transactions. a bank investigation will take longer, but it is a good possibility to consider. remember just because this guy dooped you into waiting 2 years for a shipment, doesn't mean you did anything wrong, and it is still YOUR MONEY, and you are intiteled to it! it's not like this guy is hard to track down, or fled the country. get ahold of a consumer advocacy group. (the bbb sucks though, don't use them.) call the local news in the city where he lives. internet fraud is a big crime nowadays. point them to this website and the many other complaints about him on nesdev, & nesparodius. This guy's a real petty criminal, at the least. he doesn't even have the common sense to use fake info or wire money in an untraceable way. the proof of his crime is on record with paypal, & your bank. he never sent a traking # so the it can be prooven through the post office he never sent it. the burden of proof lies with him. He hasn't got a leg to stand on. All i'm saying, is you'll get your money back if you complain to the right people. you can also call the FBI directly, if all else fails. the guys got a huge paper trail from all the other folks he robbed, so he'll be real easy to prosecute. For real, I didn't take this shit lying down, i don't see why anyone else would want to either. Personally, I just don't have $100 to piss away for no damn reason at all. people get shot over that kinda b.s. in some neighborhoods, you know! He'll be LUCKY if he just go to jail, or loose his paypal acct. don't get me wrong, i'm not the one to promote violence, but i'm not surprised when it happens. I'm just sayin, you having to take some time out of your day to make some phone calls, ain't nothing compared to whatever happens to him eventually. It's obvious he's not going to stop until something does. 6

  • chaz

    GREAT, thanks nomidines! This is incredibly helpful. I just moved into a new house (this is my 3rd address since ordering a MidiNES, incredibly… argh) and my entire life is boxed up right now. Next week I have a few days off, and I'm going GUNG

    -HO on this.

    It would be easier to forget about this and move on if he wasn't ripping people off at $100 a pop. I don't have that kind of money to waste, I also run a business and it's so painful to watch this guy scam the world. I would NEVER treat a paying customer that way. It makes me wonder if he has a mental illness, actually.

    Anyway, stay tuned!!! I'll have more updates soon, hopefully with a happy ending. Thanks again, nomidines.

  • ineedamidines

    nomidines: when did you finally receive yours? This site doesn't have any timestamps for these comments… I recently ordered mine and no contact. I need to know if I should contact paypal. =P

  • ichingboy

    Here’s a sweet t-shirt inspired by the midiNES:

  • ChrisKann can suck a dicl

    Yea… It’s been 2 and half years since I sent my payment. he hasn’t returned any of my emails. I never got my midines. Such a douche.

  • Chiron Bramberger

    I’m making an open-source alternative to MIDINES as part of my KIckstarter.

    It will be a regular cart that anyone could make themselves (by modding an old cart with new EEPROM) and a MIDI adapter that plugs into the controller port (and doesn’t hang out of the front of the NES looking gross).

    I hope anyone who’s disappointed with their MIDINES experience will support my Kickstarter.