Chiptune musicians rejoice! Though the original, grey Game Boy has long been a favorite, Herbert Weixelbaum has recently posted what may be the most thorough sonic comparison of Gameboy models. In his comparison he uses LSDJ to analyze the sonic qualities, as well as list the pros, cons and quirks of each model with and without the so-called ‘pro sound’ modification. He has provided MP3 examples as well as waveform images. [via GameSetWatch]

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  • joe

    Forgive me if I'm blind, but I think you forgot to include a link to the article.

  • W. Brent Latta

    Oops! Sorry about that – thanks for the tip, Joe.

  • Jonathan – Prospect

    I'm really interested in the "pro sound" mod mentioned in the article.

    Can anyone send me a link on how to do this?

    I need more output on my GB.

    Thanks !

    – P

  • W. Brent Latta
  • JW86
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