For many of us, few movies can inspire sound design quite like Star Wars. From the clash of lightsabers to the screech of TIE Fighters to … well, seriously, the whole set of movies sounds damn fine, even if you skipped the whole film and put the sound effects on loop. On its 30th anniversary, I’d love to hear any stories you particularly appreciate about the sound of the films.

In the meantime, a quick roundup:
Lightsabers recreated with Wii remotes and granular synthesis … and reflections on the more organic, non-digital process that created the original.

Why sound designer Ben Burtt is our hero.

Why Vader makes a great DJ.

Updated: 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars, via the wonderful Unidentified Sound Object

(Agree? Disagree?)

Let’s not stop there, though. Let’s help Star Wars celebrate its big three-oh in style. Additions?

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  • U.S.O. Project

    Don't miss:

    The 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars


  • U.S.O. Project

    This is a must see, an original interview (master at work)!

    Ben Burtt on Lightsaber Sound Design


  • cornmeaL

    Hell yeah Seismic Charges!

  • DJ McManus

    Some of Yoda's "Uhmm" noises are quite good.

    So many to choose from but those are all quite good.

    Great video.

  • RyanB

    I think the pod racers should have been on the list. If only for their enormous variety.