Okay, Akai. You’re going to have to get on the ball, fast. Sure, the new MPCs have all kinds of sophisticated music production capabilities. But can they remix the sultry, animal call of The Cheat, or make the ladies swoon with a solo by Strongbad?*

Onetwo, short video made with looping … uh … things [Homestarrunner.com]
Onetwomixer: MixMastah 800 for mixing it yourself

Yes, a lot of these Flash-based remix tools / mash-up gimmicks have been somewhat … limited … musically-speaking. But this is strangely fun. I dare you to use it live. (If they had only played up the “mash-up” angle, maybe they might have gotten mentioned in Wired. Sigh.)

*Oh, and Akai/MPC fans: I’m kidding.

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  • http://www.keithhandy.com Keith Handy

    Hahaha, I just saw this last night and almost forwarded it to a friend of mine who is trying to figure out what software to use. :)

  • http://www.createdigitalmusic.com Peter Kirn

    It's an Ableton killer, no question.

  • http://sendling-info.blogspot.com/ rob

    so we`re waiting for the big workstations ….

  • dave
  • http://www.createdigitalmusic.com Peter Kirn

    @Dave — excellent! Hadn't seen that before. WFMU is a fantastic radio station and blog, of course.

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  • http://sidechainmusic.com Dave Dri

    Strongbad was very big humour amongst the Electronic Artist Society here in Brisbane for a long time… i daresay Jaymis and i still occasionally throw out a "burninate" for old times sake at least once a month. Very interesting to see SB still kicking on with amusing fun.