The iPhone and iPod Touch have big, pretty screens, plenty of space for touch control, and fit in your pocket for lots of other useful things (like, you know, calls or music or whatever these things were invented for).

So, why not put them to use in performance? Just this week, Create Digital Motion has picked up two new solutions for doing just that, free:

MIDI Control with iPhone and iPod Touch: i3L MIDI Bridge

Mrmr : iPhone + 10.5 + Quartz Composer = Wireless VJ Nirvana

Mrmr’s support of OSC is geared for VJ apps, but something similar could be applied to OSC-supporting music tools like Max/MSP, Traktor, Reaktor, and others. And i3L’s support of MIDI, of course, will work with anything. I could see it cuing up scenes in Ableton Live or changing instrument patches, etc.

No iPhone? No problem. One quick note: if you don’t have the cash for a new iPod or iPhone, there are always alternatives. Jason Kramer’s Bluetooth MIDI solution works just fine with that free phone you got with your plan — maybe even one you recently retired. Much as we love all this flashy new stuff, there’s nothing quite like giving your toxic technological leftovers a new lease on life!

Control Music Software with a Bluetooth Cell Phone / PDA (Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro)
LiveController [Jason R. Kramer]

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  • Skipz

    this new ipod is multitouch enabled. So together with this software would this be like a mini-lemur?

  • Peter Kirn

    Skipz, not yet, unfortunately, as this software appears to lack multi-touch support. But I think that'd be possible in the future. It'll be interesting to see how easy it is to get at multi-touch input via Apple's forthcoming SDK.

  • Andrew Cavette

    I'd love to see a software display micro sized Monome for the iPhone screen… even if you needed a stylist to use it. Maybe the cramped space would begate a new sound interaction.

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  • Paul Davis

    a quick shout out to remind people that ardour ( has full OSC control over transport, solo, mute and rec-enable state. more stuff is being added as a i write this, so to speak.

  • Jay Vaughan

    Great. Imagine if the hardware synth mfr's would get off their lazy asses and start adding multitouch screens to their synth workstations, eh? Wouldn't that be lovely ..

  • runagate

    Paul, I had no idea about Ardour using OCS.

    I must point out that Usine ( also can use OSC and has an incredible non-expiring demo.

    Not multi-touch yet… I might have to get an iPhone!

    I tried to figure out how to use a GPS touchscreen as a midi controller and made this thread on KVR which is about other weird midi controllers I may as well link to here, as it links back to CDM a ton of times:

    Aside from Lemur and a $4000 Australian multitouch screen this is the only thing I've heard of, this iPhone-evolving-into-a-music-instrument!

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  • Thor

    This world is retarded…I want my ableton to fit in and work in iPod Touch now…but i'll guess we'll have to wait another decay or something.

    …rather be born tomarrow.

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