Hidden as an extra, Mario Paint Composer was one of the first software creations to meld music creation with game. It’s been a novelty favorite among 8-bit fans — not really a serious tool, but a curiosity nonetheless. But that requires a copy of Mario Paint. Now you can get the Mario-infected goodness on your Mac or Windows machine, free. (Thanks, Wally!)

Mario Paint Composer [unFun Games]

The Mac software link is broken, so here’s a direct Mac download link (thanks, Hunter!)

It’s not really about Mario Paint Composer the tool, though. For some strange reason, this creation has inspired endless musical oddities, uploaded to YouTube. Witness, for instance, a somewhat randomly-chosen musical cue from the TV show Lost. (Composer Michael Giacchino’s work is lush and brilliant, missing out on the Oscar this year for Ratatouille. Here, however, in 8-bit glory it sounds like a theme from a B-grade action adventure game for SNES. I’m fairly sure I was lost in a jungle playing that at one point.)

The pièce de résistance?

Mario’s rendition of John Cage’s 4’33".

If you have any source of stress this weekend, any difficulty sleeping just keep watching … Mario … run …

All is well.

I wonder which compression codec they used to upload the sound to YouTube? The silence is really pristine — almost sounds analog.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Haha, I love the 4′33" cover. Looking forward to giving this a go this weekend. I used to love messing around with this years ago when I still had Mario Paint and my Super Nintendo.

  • hunter19

    Hi MAC afficinados

    if you want to download the MAC version, use this link
    as the link on the website points to the PC version as well



  • Adrian Anders

    Awesome. Mario Paint was my very first introduction to music sequencing. I remember taping a composition I made for a school art project. It was one of my fondest memories of my elementary years.

  • peter

    also the program comes with all the samples, so you can mangle it in a "real sequencer"

  • Peter Kirn

    @gwenhwyfaer: Nope. Nope it's not. Fixed.

    @peter: brilliant! Presence of the samples definitely makes this worth downloading…

  • Klangfreund
  • Techbot

    4’33” in 51 seconds!!!!!!! oh what is the world coming to?

    4’33” LE ???

  • Ryan

    Does this still have that popup ad built in when you close the program? I used to play around with this but decided to just use an emulator with the actual mario paint game instead, since it didn't have any unwanted advertisement.

  • gwenhwyfaer

    Er, is that last link (“almost sounds analog”) supposed to be pointing to ?

  • BirdFLU

    klangfreud's link works, hunter19's does not (forgot the r on composer).

  • (noou)

    Mario rocks! er..

  • shaaac

    @Ryan there is still a popup advertisement. It's quite annoying.

  • lola

    hey this pretty cool 😀

  • bunnygal_69

    Mario Paint 8-bit?? I thought Super Nintendo was 16-bit???

  • bunnygal_69

    Super NES was 16-bit not 8!!!!

  • Aidan

    If you want to bring in all your old Mario Paint 1x songs all you need to do is copy your prefs folder from version 1 into this folder.

  • http://balch Hobo

    This is a great way to make music and learn.

  • http://yahoo ynno

    i like mario walking on music emoticons

  • Sora


  • Sora

    go to unfun.ney and click download on the the top

  • Sora


  • Tobi's A Good B

    How do make notes sharp/flat?? I REALLY need to know this, so please HELP!!!

  • erik

    I packed up the soundfont in a reason refill.

  • Wow

    wow, you guys asking for a download sure are genius.

    If you read the article, maybe you'd see that there's a link to the website in it already.

  • Helzo


  • how

    how i make "b" and "#" on mario paint

  • Swamp

    Yo, how! To make flats(b) you hold ctrl and then enter the note, to make sharps(#) you hold shift and then enter the note.

  • dbob

    well to make a sharp you hold down shift and make a note and for a flat you hold down control. and for the people who keep getting script errors, it is when you click somewhere or perform an operation that the program didn't account for in its programming, and therefore it erases your entire file. it sucks because there is no way to get your file back that i know of yet. you just have to not use that file again and make a new one=[

  • drumboy1313

    I downloaded this and extracted the files. But it says that some movie playlist thing not located. someone help?

  • blabla

    warum geht es bei mir nicht???????????'

  • orochimaru1236

    I downloaded this and extracted the files. But it says that some playlist thing not located.

  • fofa

    so cool


    the future right here:

  • http://createdigitalmusic michael

    I'm your guy! I wanna download it but it has an error and i can't close it! WTF somebody help!

  • blabla2

    why cant i play it?

    i have windows xp

  • http://InspectorGadget ian

    I Love That Song.

  • hunter

    i would like to freakin try it

  • Cyndaquil


  • Cyndaquil



  • hunter


  • hunter


    i dont know but thats cool

    holy crap

  • hunter

    im autisac

  • hunter

    im 9 years old and i know how to make music

  • hunter

    stupid game wont let create songs i love this game

  • bryce

    It says that there is a player script error.Can you tell me why it says that?

  • Melanie

    Is there a way I can copy my song to a CD? I wrote something as a part of a school assignment and I need to get it to my teacher.

  • http://facebook not telling my name

    yeah on another computer i downloaded this game it said "100%virus free", 2 days later i got a virus on the computer.I have a new

  • http://facebook not telling my name

    …computer i did a virus check an there wernt any LOL

  • no name

    this download sounds fail

  • Script Error

    I already have Mario Paint Composer 2.0 on my Mac, it's awesome! I'm having some trouble with opening the program after using it the first time. Initially, it works great (other than the script error message that I click to start the program), but once I close it, I can't open the program again by clicking the script error message. My crappy solution has been using the zip file to open a "new program" every time I want to play. My stuff I've saved always works, but it's still annoying. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • jamster545

    @bunnygal_69 Just because the Main Processor is 16-bit does not mean the sound circuits are. And, a 16 bit device can do 8-bit sound. The SNES had an 8-bit Sony processor used to process sound with a 16-bit Digital Signal Processor.

  • pingas991

    lol i oughtta make a song named Doraemon

  • shitman

    airplanes suck!

  • SlipKnoT maggot

    Omg i tryed playing it after exctracted the files but it STILL wont work how do i right a script for it…

  • pingas991

    zomg who has that downloaded

  • D

    How do I upgrade it to 2.0?

  • jlo

    how do you get mario composer

  • Googoodollmader

    Dood this is so cool. I considered putting all my creations on YouTube so I think all you guys should look for them. One is the thriller by mike j. Farewell mike!

  • Googoodollmader

    If you want a cool icon get a gravitar! Weirdo

  • Nooferdog

    The Windows version is broken. I download it and then when I try to run it I get an error that says something about an .ini file being missing.

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    looking to his painting i found it that in every stroke of this brush has a unique character.


    looking to his painting i found it that in every stroke of the brush has a unique characteristic. i nerve saw it before.


    looking to his painting i found it that in every stroke of the brush has a unique characteristic. i nerve saw it before. i was good.

  • don

    i can not download this the error is i must sominthing first instal i do no what that is

  • Tanor Faux (scythe)

    It wont let me run it. It says i'm missing the .INI file =/ and i really want to play this, is there another good download that has everything it needs to run? If not, i'm going to causing lightning strikes to every house till I do >:D lol juskiddins

  • Someone

    Hey guys please send me a Email:

    Where can i download that editor?


  • Someone

    i mean for a composition

  • Sam

    Can some1 help me i dont no wat im doing wrong when i download it i download it run it then click on it and it says theres an error

  • http://... Travis Smith

    I hacked it with cheat engine lol now the tempo goes like 999999999 that what i put for the value lol

  • tcrxt

    Mario does battle Poe too.

    An epic battle between Mario paint composer, NRJ Kellogs Mix master and the IXI softwares…


    T C R X T

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  • Krys

    How do I do Mario paint?

  • what is the new mario game like

    Magnificent beat ! I would like to apprentice even as you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a weblog website? The account helped me a applicable deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided vibrant clear concept

  • Spongebobandy11

    it keeps saying script error

    • Ocket8888

      You may have taken the application out of its native folder, try putting it back in the folder and creating a new shortcut.

    • Theoinboxer

      same thing happened to me. i don’t know what you mean though.

    • Darknaviroguez2

      Basically, put all the original files in their previous places. If you don’t know where they were, re download it.

    • Informer Kalz

      Make sure your song doesn’t have punctuation or dollar signs or brackets in it’s name

  • Jonte

    you have to go to the zip-file. open it and start it from there

    • Informer Kalz

      Actually, it doesn’t work. You have to put it into a normal folder. Or else, the famous line of the unfortunate events of this game: Script Error! Continue?

  • Scorpio

    i dont have zip-file

  • Zane

    No music???

  • Faithis1

    do no download

  • Kkliniewski

    omg there is no music

  • Christina

    how can u download it?

    • Mariealexander

       yea how?

  • Robotgamer00145

    Hey that’s cool

  • Harrisontucker63

    imma mac user is it on mac too??

  • Daniel

    Hello My name Is Daniel. And I want to Play Mario Paint

  • Stupid

    Hello Stupid Thanks For Playing

  • Daniel Oldham

    THE MAC LINK IS BROKE!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poop

    says something of win23

  • Leroy95

    fuck off

  • Stupidbuttfacegirleatsunicorns

    Script Error.  Continue?


    Script Error.  Continue?

    *I said, Yes*

    Script Error Continue?


    Scrip Error Continue?

    *Grrrrr.  WHY U NO WORK???*

    • Informer Kalz

      If you are trying to save a song, make sure the title doesn’t have symbols like $

  • Talon McEwen

    I just want to play the game without downloading it! FOR GODS SAKE

    • anon

      why? Why does it matter? Do you have a download problem?

  • Peejhon


  • CiaranCantSwim

    Mine is a ZIP folder? Why won’t it work?


      right click and extract the files ….. *facepalm*

    • Informer Kalz

      Put it into a normal folder file named something you can remember MPC to be in.

  • buttercat

    not amused

  • Podd Socks
  • Fetusturtles

    has anyone heard the get lucky mario paint version on youtube?XD Way too cute

  • Evan Bobby greg

    I downloaded it and it fucked up my laptop. even the nod 32 antivirus went Crazy. where can I get it without it fucking shit up?

    • Informer Kalz

      Nowadays, you can’t get the file from the original website. Try going to Softonic.

    • pierreman1

      And softonic is a virus.

  • biblioholic

    How do you make a sharp or a flat?

    • Akuji

      shift click for sharp, ctrl click for flat

  • Chuck Norris

    sup bitches
    I’m so manly I don’t need an account