We’ve seen lots of gadget lust around the tiny Pacemaker mobile DJ device, but could you, say, show up in Miami with one and DJ? Alfred Nerstu, who’s actually an Assistant Art Director for Pacemaker’s maker Tonium (not a PR person), sends along this video they made.

Answer: yes, you can be taken seriously with a Pacemaker, but you’ll have to lose your shirt. (Literally — not just because the Pacemaker costs some dough. And, hey, I’m sure you could afford one Pacemaker for about the cost of a two-night hotel stay in Miami during WMC…) I’m still not convinced I could take a Pacemaker seriously as a primary DJ tool, but it does look like something you could have a lot of fun with or add to your toybox of gear on the road.

That’s Tonium employee Willem, shirtless.

The best part of the video? The YouTube comments like these, which, whatever they mean, just look insanely cool:

haha fantastiskt

haha pappa willem? skjukt bra film du får fan fixxa rabbat till mig 😀 //gräsätarn

Fantastiskt, indeed.

Damn, I wish English weren’t such a square language. Keep your native tongues alive, folks.


After the jump, Arthur shares a bit of "beachjaying" — clever idea for a video; maybe I should do this with a Game Boy tracker or something for the geekier among us. I’d better work on my washboard abs first, though, if my tummy is going to be in the shot.

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  • Leo

    " haha fantastiskt

    haha pappa willem? skjukt bra film du fÃ¥r fan fixxa rabbat till mig 😀 //gräsätarn"


    "Haha, fantastic.

    Haha daddy willem? Insanely good movie, you can damn well fixx a discount for me 😀 // the grass eater"

  • http://www.myspace.com/flyinglotus flying lotus


  • http://www.professorwhimsey.com Dr. Apostrophe X

    “Damn, I wish English weren’t such a square language. Keep your native tongues alive, folks.”

    It’s not your tongue (native or otherwise), it’s how you use it.

  • http://www.djgroovy.com Dj Groovy

    Haha, já que tás a falar de linguas esquisitas, aqui vai um bocadinho de português para vocês.

  • http://myspace.com/ilovethebeep David

    damn, people have mated with animals at some point. or they have been drugged/paid to jump and party. this suck so big time.

  • http://sidechainmusic.com Dave Dri

    The world is a better place for shirtless staff to show off gear with an accompanying MC calling everyone "bitches". In fact, supermarkets could learn from this.

    "You bitches had better buy some tinned tuna in aisle four… check out the cans in aaaaisle fooooour!"