image Our friends at the Spanish-language site are streaming Theremin music live for free worldwide from the Ethermusic Festival in Moog country, North Carolina. (Pictured, right: Randy George.)

Hispasonic TV

When it’s not live, the previous recording plays on continuous loop. From Hispasonic’s Xabier:

Now we are just replaying the yesterday concert. The next live webcast will be at 2:30 AM (GMT+2) – 08:30 PM (GMT-4).

And speaking of Moog, here’s an update from Frank Schubert, who played at the show, regarding Moog’s new guitar:

The show was great.  We opened up and then did a piece with Justin from Moog who was playing the guitar.  Then they did the formal announcement, described the guitar and then Justin and his band played a 25 minute set with the guitar.  Kevin Kissinger played a great set and then was joined by Justin on the Moog guitar as well.  There were a bunch of people shooting video and photos.  They will most likely make them available – I will let you know when they are posted.  We did not take any video.

I did get to play the guitar for a minute.  It felt great.  It also sounded great when played.  So I think it is official….

In comments — a correction to Frank’s description:

Jason Daniello from MoogMusic demonstrated the new Moog Guitar and his band’s name is The Broomstars

Okay, so that bit where I thought it was an April Fool’s joke — sorry! (Yeah, my April record hasn’t been so fantastic, since the Ableton Vocoder also appears to be in development.)

If anyone has other photos/video, drop us a line!

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  • Evan

    Ahem. Wrong Carolina there, Mr. Kirn.

    Despite sharing the latter part of our state names, we North Carolinians do our best to not be associated with our neighbors to the South.


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  • Jordan Hochenbaum

    Streamed some of the performances yesterday… some great playing!

  • Peter Kirn

    @Evan: Holy crap … how'd I screw that up?

    Maybe I should stop drinking this delicious Kentucky bourbon while blogging. 😉

  • Andrew Edahl

    Hahaha… as a South Carolinian 😉

    No.. I was born in Charlotte, I hated moving down here…

    But you can't beat Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, now can you?

  • Damian

    Hello mr Kirn. I`m living in Poland and i was buy yours book- Real Word Digital Audio. She is great. Right now im reading chapter 8 about Midi :) Im playing on electric guitar and I wont recording some sound with computer. I wont just tell you Thanks becouse yours book is very helpfull. Good luck and I`m waiting for another one title. 😉

  • foosnark

    North Carolina, South Carolina, Carolina Eyck… it's all good.

  • Evan


    The Charleston area is certainly the highlight of South Carolina. I'll be down there in less than a month, recording some chamber music at Spoleto. And to be fair, South Carolina can support some CDM-type goodness, too, as Laurie Anderson will be performing some piece "built on a foundation of groove electronics" (so sayest the press blurb) at this year's festival.

  • Peter Kirn

    I've been to both Carolinas, and I love them equally. Hence I sometimes call these siblings by the wrong name. 😉

  • moogie

    correction time again: Jason Daniello from MoogMusic demonstrated the new Moog Guitar and his band's name is The Broomstars.

  • Duet

    Jason did an amazing job of showcasing the Moog Guitar. The Broomstars set was great as well.

  • Andrew Edahl


    Well… it's been a month.

    Maybe, just maybe, fate will have us meet.