Everyone’s been having the same thought, from what I’ve seen on the blogs and on Twitter: as iPhone users dump their current models for the new 3G iPhone, is now the time to snap up old iPhones and hack away? Hackaday picks up the idea:

Hackit: What to do with a 1st gen iPhone?

Thanks for the link to our music round-up, Hack-a-Day. (With more stuff coming out, I may have to update that soon.) Of course, if this gets real popular, even the old, discarded iPhones may have a price premium. But if you’ve got one you’re trying to get rid of, give us a shout.

Call it "jailbait." Erm…

  • thesis

    Regarding the cheap 1st gen iphones…

    I would like to find 4 iphones, mount them lengthways on to a board or something, then set up a multitouch control surface for controlling software like Ableton Live. I would run some software on the iphone which could send simple MIDI messages via USB. Kind of like a ghetto Jazzmutant!

    Only problem I can see, is it possible for an Apple laptop to recognize 4 iphones at one time?

  • lisa

    buying myself a iphone generation 1, for xmas sack all these new phones im going back to basics