Sound design secrets have traditionally been closely-guarded secret sauce. But in the age of the Web, the opposite is happening: people can actually enjoy sharing what they’re doing, just as passionate cooks chat about recipes on food blogs. Case in point: reader John Keston writes to tell us about, on which he’s blogging a new sound each day. Not only is this a nice way to talk about techniques with fellow enthusiasts, but it’s a great example of how you can use blogging to encourage you to get things accomplished, rather than just distracting you.

John writes:

I’m a big fan of and wanted to let you know about my “One Sound Every Day” project. I am posting a sound every day on a non-profit resource for experimental sound design that I founded called Every post has a sound attached along with a brief description of how it was produced. I feel that the content there is something that your readers might appreciate. Please check it out and let me know if you’d consider a story or cross post, etc.

Audio Cookbook

It’s Creative Commons, so perhaps someday we’ll have a massive, open source sourcebook of music techniques from various writers.

Have a look, and let us know if you have favorite techniques of your own!

Demystifying Sound Design: 15 Online Learning Resources for Film, Games, and More

And for an example of the same spirit of sharing for visual coders, on Create Digital Motion this week:
Code as Art: Generative Visual Inspiration and Sharing

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  • synthetic

    Wow, awesome site!

  • trudeau

    Keston's site is stimulating. It has a clean look, explanatory copy and appealing snippets. I'm creating sound cues for a reading of the michael Frayn drama Copenhagen and I've got a couple of ideas from browsing Keston.

  • Aaron

    I love the site. The header picture in particular is genius :)

    Great sounds, too. It'd be awesome if he posted patches for softsynths/effects when applicable too.

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  • Marco Raaphorst

    I like it, but the ND attribute doesn't make it possible to reuse these sounds. That doesn't make much sense to me, or are these sounds just meant to be showcases?

  • John Keston

    Hey Marco,

    Everything in the "Share Remix Adapt" category (more than half the content) is licensed under by-nc, so please reuse those at will. The rest of the audio is either published or might potentially be published by Unearthed Music ( and are there to illustrate the concepts discussed in the post. Cheers!

  • createmo

    Thank you for your site 😉

    I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and even more

    my backgrounds :
    take care and thank you again!

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  • Boychoato

    Hello All.

    I the first time here.

    Look,scandal story

  • sound designer

    The sound designer plans and provides the sound effects in the play. The composer writes any original music the show may require.

  • Shawn

    Wow that is some great advice on how to connect with other people and share what we know. Thanks for the info!!

  • Shawn

    Wow that is some great advice on how to connect with other people and share what we know. Thanks for the info!!