That was quick! The folks at Euphonix are already out with a patch that resolves an issue with the just-released update Mac OS X 10.5.7. From the description:

Software update for both MC Control and MC Mix that fixes compatibility issues with Mac OS 10.5.7. Includes recent MC Control touch-screen response optimization, as well as improved Digital Performer integration and more.

  • Roger Hatfield

    I purchased the MC Mix (used) from Guitar Center. It came without any manual or operating system. I tried accessing the OS from Euphonix (Avid) but could not get past the gatekeeper that told me the product had already been registered. All I need is the EuControl software. Does anyone know where this can be located without jumping through a bunch of hoops? The Guitar Center is trying to get Avid to give up the software, or re register the unit, but, I would really like to get to work. Thanks.