A traditional music score can fill reams of paper. But make music generative, and a tiny amount of musical DNA can breed musical events. How little DNA is needed? How about 140 character worth – enough to fit into a single Twitter post?

That’s what’s possible in Mixtikl 2, which dubs its Twitter musical “vectors” “tikls” – pronounced “tickles.” There are three platforms, each priced separately:

  • Mac / Windows desktop + plug-ins (standalone version, VST plug-in for your favorite host, and even a plug-in for playing and customizing mixes right in your web browser). Cost: US$19.99.
  • Windows Mobile: smartphones and PDAs (yep, an eBay purchase could be wise right now) for playing and customizing mixes. Cost: US$4.99.
  • iPhone / iPod touch: Mobile generative playback and synthesis, pricing TBA. This version isn’t available this instant, but is expected for approval in the upcoming days.

There are numerous improvements, but it’s the “vector audio” concept that’s the most evocative in the new release. For examples of what works in Twitter, here are some links from the developers, including some holiday-themed picks: (Updated with new link; previous code was for RC1, not the final build)

Mixtikl 2 : the Tweet Music Maestro

Mixtikl actually binds together a range of musical materials, from pre-defined tunes and audio assets to generative files and custom mixes of the two. There are other powerful features, two including the Partikl multi-synth and a built in “network” effects system.

There’s more work to do for Intermorphic: right now, Mixtikl, as the name implies, is a mixer. If you’re interested in producing your own musical patterns, editing rules, and the like, these features will have to wait for an upcoming release. But right now, you do get a taste for some of what they’re working, and if you’re not yet interested in investing, 30-day trials are available.

Intermorphic Mixtikl 2 Announcement

And yes, you can bet this will get the attention of those in the know in the Tweetosphere. None other than British celeb geek Stephen Fry is playing around with it.

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  • http://www.joshmobley.com jmob

    The plug in works but the app crashes immediately on start up. I tried contacting the developer but half of they're support links seem to be down. I'm using the latest version of snow leopard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    From the looks of it, it seems like an amazing app.

  • http://www.joshmobley.com jmob

    safari plug in is a no go as well. Stephen Fry fry kicked ass in v for vendetta

  • http://www.createdigitalmusic.com Peter Kirn

    I haven't gotten to test everything yet. But they read the site – I'm sure we can determine what the problem may be, see if we get an update, etc.

  • http://www.joshmobley.com jmob


  • http://www.intermorphic.com Pete

    If you're using Safari on the Mac, you need to use it in 32-bit mode… (thanks, Apple!)

  • http://www.joshmobley.com jmob

    i wonder if that goes for the standalone as well.

  • http://www.intermorphic.com Pete

    Errr… no. :)

    The 32-bit flag for Safari tells it how to tell plug-ins to paint; they've got some weird new model for painting browser plug-ins in 64-bit mode that breaks the behaviour of all 32-bit plug-ins; seems crazy to me but there you go…

    Firefox is fine, as is Camino as another browser example which works well with Mixtikl on Mac…

  • nobook

    There is also this sc140 album made by supercollider users with sounds compiled from twitter posts:

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