Chronome Prototype from FlipMu on Vimeo.

The monome is defined as much by what it isn’t as what it is: it’s monochromatic, it uses only on/off binary buttons, and that’s part of its beauty. But what if it weren’t that? What if a monome could do color, and velocity sensitivity? As both engineering problem and design inquiry, that question holds some intrigue.

Owen Vallis, who with Jordan Hochenbaum makes up the digital duo FlipMu, shares the Chronome prototype. Like the Arduinome before it, it re-conceives the monome’s brain around the open-source Arduino microcontroller platform – now in the form of the beefier MEGA. But moving beyond RGB lights, it adds pressure sensitivity via conductive fabric (an idea that could be extended elsewhere).

More on the Flipmu blog, which is hosted here on Noisepages:

And I love the idea of the conductive fabric, borrowed from the LUMI project:

More on this project to come, I hope.

  • Adam S


  • vanceg

    Very nice. Great combination of technologies to solve the "pressure issue"

  • Mudo

    Don't forget about this one!

    RGB (without sensitive pressure) improved design from Jonathan Gubberman (Tinct) and new firmware…


  • Peter Kirn

    @Mudo: Actually, if you read the notes on Owen's site, it sounds like he incorporated Jonathan's improvements!

  • Guillaume LECTEZ

    "it uses only on/off binary buttons, and that’s part of its beauty"…That's in part why i love monome/arduinome…But i search on the LUMI and FlipMu blog and didn't found any detail on the pressure sensor used for the trick. I've you got some information? Or it's under NDA??? 😀

  • Aaron

    The Padkontrol can be a velocity sensitive mononome clone. Pity Korg never did more with the capabilities of the s/w themselves. Its size will disappoint quick though, the limited rows reduces the fun you can have with it.

  • andrew zero

    @aaron nativekontrol has some nice PK stuff you mgiht want to look at.

    Also, I want one of these now. Right now.

  • Charles


  • Mudo


    I want to said: V2 improved from Jonathan, Unsped and (I miss the third person sorry) tinct/Octinct v.1 version.

    They add pressure sensing and new serialosc but the original Octinct has some "issues" like poor "enclosure" pcb design and other things. It seems that these "new" designs have the same "desing issues" (like not fit in regular arduinome cases and nobody has enclosures… it is a bit frustrating keep 2 years an Octinct inside a tuperware due to "mistakes" in design…

    Sorry about my criticism but it will be great "joy works" instead try to compite.

    In january some news from, stay tunned.


  • Mudo

    Owen Vallis is the third, right! xD


  • lace

    So proud of my nerdy boyfriend.

  • The_Primordial_Dr_Zoidberg

    Would these new improvements be a possible mod to existing Monomes?