With takes on the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Tchaikovsky, the sound-slicing members of the monome community have turned their button-encrusted devices to spreading holiday cheer to you, for free. A new, CC-licensed album is available for download. (One caution: CC licenses don’t cover sample clearance for works sampled on these albums, so beware.)

They wouldn’t be geeks if it didn’t have an acronym:

There’s some really creative stuff in there. I’d love to hear this live.

Found other favorite holiday downloads? Let us know in comments and we’ll do a round-up later this week.

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  • bar|none

    Love it! Santa on a kiteboard? Classic. Great stuff and something to make christmas music less boring.

  • http://createdigitalmusic.com/members/connerbw/ Dac Chartrand

    In 2008 Byte-Smasher hosted a Renoise Comminity compo which resulted in a holiday themed album. The theme? Pornography, Breakcore, and Xmas.
    The thread describing the saga.
    The resulting MP3 album.
    A classic IMHO.

  • http://lokeymassive.net lokey

    Ah, this was a fun time. Such a good crew of folk, so much diversity, so many crazy samples mashed up and rejiggered.

    We're doing a theatre-samples themed release over the holidays, that should be the next bit of weird coming out i believe ;]

  • http://www.nickdemopoulos.com Nicnut

    I have some arrangements of Christmas Music here:


    and here:


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    I have some arrangements of Christmas Music here: