If you’ve got a whole bunch of colored lights, it seems only right to do something with them. Cacheflow sends a fun little hack with a Novation Launchpad. Of course, turning a Launchpad into a live EQ display means you can’t simultaneously use its lights to, like, play the Launchpad, but provided you have another controller, this could be a fun way to liven up your stage setup.

We looked at a free e-book on Processing last week; if you’re playing with Processing, you can now use a handy, free library to integrate this simple and elegant coding tool with your Launchpad.

The ingredients:

Music: unreleased Yo Soy Sauce tune.

Built with the following components:

By the way, I’ve noticed a lot of great GitHub use for music projects. Music Hack Day Montreal even did their event planning on it. I wonder, is there a way – using GitHub itself or a hack with the GitHub API – for us all to build a little CDM community there? Git gurus, I’d love to hear from you about what you might like.

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  • http://phi.downsample.org Miller Peterson

    I did a similar thing with some Max/MSP objects I wrote – check out this video, which is the Launchpad playing back the Adult Swim video for Zodiac Shit by Flying Lotus:&nbsp ;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKVQ2dPzn_Y&feature=player_embedded

    If you're interested in the Max/MSP objects I used for this, check out my blog at http://phi.downsample.org.

  • Dazappa

    Can you release the Processing Source Code?

    I’m not sure how to write a visualizer.

  • thatguywiththeasian

    I really wish someone had released a guide on how to go about doing this. Trying to teach myself how to use a launchpad is a pain in the rear. Fun, but still.,