Live in Frankfurt, I’m here at Propellerhead’s pre-Messe announcement event with CEO Ernst and team. What’s new:

  1. A US$1 iOS app that’s designed for music-making on a bus. Multi-touch interface, built around quick access to tonality, rhythm, and pattern – but the Reason engine under the hood. The same as Reason on desktop.
  2. After years of resisting plug-ins, something different: Rack Extension is Reason’s own format that opens the Rack to developers, but in the Props’ view solves problems like providing undo, cross-platform compatibility, and easier collaboration than plug-ins provide.
  3. Audition add-ons with a 30-day trial.
  4. Rack Extensions will be available by summer (some time Q2) as a free update. Third parties already announced include Korg, Sugar Bytes, Peff, Softube, GForce, SonicCharge. And they’re inviting other developers. (No word on an SDK.)
  5. A store to buy add-ons, runs Windows and Mac, associates your license with your account. 70/30 profit.

We’ll have details after the announcement, taking our time to get the quality right, but in the meantime here are live notes and commentary from the announcement. Enjoy:

  • The Brain

    U-he Rack Extensions.  Enough said.

  • Bob

    u-he is also onboard, at least with UHBIK:

  • Dale Cunningham

    I’d like to see Sugar Bytes convert Turnado for reason that would rock :)

  • adam

    i really hope this is modular and fully editable. i’d pay a lot more than $1 for that…

    • rondema

      Sadly it seems to be little more than a pretty promotional toy. Fixed sound set. iPhone/iPod only.

      Elements borrowed from other iOS apps (Loopy)

      I am really dissapointed :(

      So back to NanoStudio it is then.. but that’s no bad thing!

    • adam

      it’s a shame. i don’t get why they don’t port a full blown version and charge more. like lemur, expensive but professional

    • Martin W

      Where are you seeing that ? are you saying it is not for iPad ? that would be ridiculous ( and also probably impossible ) Fixed sound set ? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if their model was to sell the App for a $1 and make money on in-App purchase ‘expansion pavks’ … it’s a pretty common approach …

      But where are you seeing that info ?

  • rondema

    My hopes for REX-ability on iOS are waning..

    But if I do get my wish for a dollar then happy days!

    • Seriousbadman

      rex is for gays!!!!!!!!! if you use a rex then its not your song.. someone else has done the work for you.. 

    • JonYo

      Eeeeeasy there, Turbo.

    • The Brain

      What do gays have anything to do with this?  Can that crap.

      And as far as rex files go, it is possible to make your own from scratch, so you’ve no evidence that rondema isn’t doing all of his/her own work.

    • No

       That is absolutely unacceptable language. It is hateful and uncalled for. Try thinking twice before saying something like that.

    • rondema

      Seriouslymisguidedbadman… you’re sounding like a fool.

      I own a copy of Recycle, I use sampled breakbeats extensively. I do my own sampling and chopping. Nothing can match the versatility of a REXed loop and the tools available to play it out/mash it up found in Reason. This is the main reason for my use of Reason.

  • aje

    Having experienced several crashes in Reason over the last two years, I’m surprised people still buy into the idea that it doesn’t crash. It does. End of. 
    I would respect Propellerhead more if they could convince people to buy their software on its own terms, instead of their constant negativity about everyone else. Very arrogant and, misleading. 

    • DaftFader

      Can honestly say Reason 5 or 6 have never ever crashed on my Mac. Which is more than I can say for Cubase!

    • Dasystem

      Never crashed on me eighther and I’ve been with them since rebirth. I just wish there was midi out.

    • KNS

      Reason has never crashed on me for the past seven years I have been
      using it.  Usually when someone mentions any issue with Reason its
      usually after the release of a new version.  Which they normally fix
      quickly.  I really don’t get why you are so bitter. Are you an Ableton Live user?  There is nothing arrogant about what they say.  They have made one of the most stable and CPU efficient software known to man.

    • KNS

      One more thing I see that you posted the exact same thing over at KVR.  I have seen many negative post towards the Props from you over there as well.  What did they do you to set you on this crusade?  Its seems every thread related to Reason you are in there with the negativity.  Whats up?  Let me tell you something I was a Live user for a while.  I started disliking their business practice, the way they pimped their users, (Share) anyone? Not to mention the ridiculous bugs etc.  You know what I did? I gave my copy of Live away and left it at that.  I moved on.  Move on Headquest/aje. Move on.  There is no need to beef with a company over a few crashes dude.  By the way I like your post by mistake was clicking reply my bad.

    • aje

      Hmmm, well I still use Propellerhead products regularly in my music, in spite of the crashes I have experienced, and I have enjoyed using Reason for over a decade now! And I’m quite excited about this latest announcement of RE too…
      I simply don’t think they should continue the negative marketing strategy of stating Reason never crashes (there are plenty of crash reports from uses on their forum) while implying that all the other music software out there is unstable. It isn’t. People use Pro Tools in studios every day without crashes. Same with Cubase, Studio One, and even Live…
      And I think that Propellerhead have loads of positives that they can use to promote their stuff (e.g. the hardware paradigm workflow, the CV routing and modular nature, etc), without their constant negative attitude towards the rest of the DAW community. That’s all.

    • Soulspeed

       aje needs a better computer…hahahahh….try a Mac :)

    • Koshdukai

      Instead of complaining, have you sent them a report on that crash, with hardware specs and enough info on the situation that made the crash?

      I find it strange that you never thought the problem might be with your particular setup and that could be something they’ve never had to test against since no one (you) have sent any details to help

    • Whatley

      Do they really claim that Reason *never* crashes? Still, they could claim that it crashes a great deal less than most any other daw, and they would be %100 correct.

    • youngcircle

      Negative attitude? DAW community?? Bro are you even making music, or just analyzing corporate press releases?! lol, spend your energy making music and forget the rest. Me, I rebooted Live 8.2.6 around 47 times today (whose counting any more), but did I let that stop me finishing my track? well yes, I did actually. lol, probably time to give another DAW a go. Does anyone know what Skrillex uses??? :)

    • Josh Ratiani

      I’ve been using Reason for 9 years on PCs, and have never had it crash.  I have bogged it down with too many effects, but it never crashes or stops my computer from working.

    • Paul

      I’ve used nigh on all versions of Reason. I recall having 1 crash. Thats it. 
      Where-as something like Logic can crash on me more times in a single day than Reason has in the entire time i’ve owned it.
      No stability complaints here :) Maybe, your experience wasn’t good. But I believe your example is rare.
      (And I should add, Logic isn’t especially unstable now. It has improved a lot in more recent versions)

    • Martin W

      Choosing Reason over Live ( or Cubase) because of the relative number of crashes is like choosing Ice Cream over Pasta ( or Curry) because of the relative number of times it burnt. you have to be joking …

    • Martin W

      OOops. That was supposed to be a reply to the thread (below) …

    • Larry

      Software crashes. Windows crashes. My iMac crashes. But “several crashes over the last two years” doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. I could and do live with that. Without getting defensive, how many companies do you know that its customers the ability to pay what they wanted for the Reason 6 upgrade. I was one of those that emailed them to point out that the set price seemed unfair to seasoned upgraders. It appears to me that they not only listened but offered and outstanding deal whilst turning a disaster into a success. 

    • ZW

      I have crashed Reason plenty of times, but I must be special because I have the worst luck with software.  After the 5th crash in two weeks (probably 10 hours of use) Reaper went down the toilet.  I used Cubase for a long time and it would crash about once every 15-20ish hours.  I have been using Live for a few months and I don’t think it crashes noticeably more than Reason.

    • Jim Wilcox

      Reason 3… to now Reason 6.  no crashes.  PH for life.

  • Fabio FZero

    More plugin formats, just what I wanted.

  • Neto
  • Bob Bell

    Fantastic news! Propellerheads rule :)

  • kid versus chemical

    Rack extensions with big companies making synths and effects is so exciting for me personally. I simply can’t wait. I love Reason, it’s always been extremely CPU efficient and stable for me on many different systems I’ve had over the years.

    I’m also very excited about the iOS app. The most exciting software news I’ve heard in quite some time….

  • Kirke Godfrey

    is this a real Pic ? figure-660-80.jpg

  • Kirke Godfrey
  • Ken

    This is great news. A multitouch Thor would make for a lot of fun on the road.

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