We’ve got lots of other news from Messe to share soon – so don’t worry, this isn’t becoming the Propellerhead News Network. But since I’m starving and going to dinner, you can spend those 40 minutes watching the Propellerhead “keynote” press presentation I saw yesterday.

This video is for the moment the only way to really see the new iPhone app Figure, powered by Reason under the hood. Speaking of which, I have some answers to questions readers asked during our live coverage from yesterday:

Q. Will Figure be available on Android?
A. No plans at this time, no.

Q. Is the US$1 price an “intro” price? Really, only a buck?
A. It’s really only a buck, when it becomes available following Apple approval. It’s not officially an intro price, but Propellerhead also hasn’t said it’s the permanent price, so you might want to snap it up.

Q. Is there an iPad-native resolution?
A. Confirming this one. But see the demo video below… on an iPad.

Q. Will it support MIDI out?
A. Good grief, I’d be a little frustrated with Propellerhead if they added MIDI in or out to this iPhone app before we got it in Reason. (Cough. Yes, I still want that, darn it.) Anyway, short answer: no. No MIDI in, no MIDI out. MIDI out would be excellent, because it’s a pattern sequencer; maybe they can put that in a future version and I can play my MeeBlip with it. MIDI in makes less sense, because it’s really about the touch experience.

Q. There’s really Reason inside this app?
A. Yes. Ernst was very clear on this, as you can hear in the video. It’d be really great if you could somehow load racks from the desktop Reason with Figure and visa versa, but we’ll just have to get our hands on this, which should happen very soon.

Q. What does Figure actually look like?

Our friends at Sonic State shot video, so that I spend more time sitting in the sun eating brats and drinking beer. (Nick, does that mean me embedding this here counts as non-commercial usage? I’m doing it solely out of being lazy and bad at shooting video.)

Seriously, it’s a nice hands-on:

  • http://discchord.com/ Tim Webb

    Hehe, yes, get MIDI out on the $1 iPhone app before Reason. Do it Propellerhead! I’ll give you another $1.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Then, in a surprising announcement, Propellerheads begins supporting AU on iPhone, even as it pushes Rack Extensions for desktop.

      Wait, it’s still March, not April… never mind.

  • Matt Leaf

    Man these guys have their hearts in the right place. Congrats

  • http://buttonsandlights.com/ griotspeak

    Here’s hoping that the simply opted not to show that it is universal. 

    Slim chance, I know.

    • Pedro

      The first question that i had when i saw the Figure presentation for the first time was: “can i export tracks for re-importing them in Reason???”. This question is not yet answered. Anyone?

  • Benny

     Will the pattern sequencer function of Figure also be available in Reason (as a RE) ?

  • will

    It’s not the real thor or kong there is no routing there is no filters did i miss somthing here?

  • Ttt

    I love the minimal abletonesque type interface and the price can’t be beat!!!

  • rondema

    No user sound creation/recording/importing? Fallen at the first fence!

    Seems to me little more than a promotional toy (the pricing reinforcing that impression)

    Toys are fun; play is great..

    …but where is the serious app that the platform clearly warrants?

    You can probably tell I’m dissapointed.

  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    Booo no iPad version (just pixel double iPhone)

    • kallepa

      It’s actually double size, but still native iPad resolution. When we do develop an actual iPad version, we want to use the format and the way the iPad is used to its full extent. Whatever that will turn out to be, we’ll aim to blow socks off.

      You’re free to wait for that, or just hop on and have fun with Figure right now! Or at least as soon as Apple approves. :-)

  • Michael Mogenson

    IMO this is what the korg kaossilator app should have been

    • Keatshandwriting

       I love the ikoassilator app, actually, it’s great for jamming out… this seems like it will be even better.

    • Keatshandwriting

       I mean, it seems like Figure will be even better than ikoassilator for fun little jamming ideas.  I’m pretty pumped.

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  • refriend

    pleaseeee  when wil it be available in Itunes????? cant wait to play with this!!

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  • http://naimfalandino.com naim

    I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for ages now. C’mon Apple! I’m tired of checking the app store every morning.

  • lee beck

    If they can put it on a iphone which quite frankly is a pile of shite compared to an samsung galaxy why can’t they put it on andriod ?