Live electronic musician Moldover’s MOJO is the Sherman Tank of controllers: enormous, indestructible, destructive. It’s also a deeply involved build, costing US$1999.00. If you want to get some of that … um, MOJO … but don’t have two grand lying around, or if you want to adapt it to your own mojo, Moldover’s work is now fully open-source.

If you’re an experienced hardware maker, you could use these files to build your own MOJO or adapt ideas into your own design. (Moldover uses the excellent, powerful Livid Builder line of parts.) If you are a builder, you can get an idea of what’s involved with the build in the timelapse and explanation above. If not, you can live vicariously through Matt.

But builder or not, if you use Ableton Live, you should pay attention: in that big archive are the Live templates, which you could use to adapt to any controller you like, including some tasty effects chains to play with. That means even if soldering irons send you into a cold sweat, this is news worth watching. (Only one criticism: I’d like to see a license included, which would make this proper open source hardware.)

If you do have two grand, meanwhile, boutique controller maker 60 Works is taking over manufacture of the MOJO so you can get your own. 60 Works’ Dave Cross shares details with CDM:

* 1999USD
* hand made (duh)
* improved over Moldover’s original, based on his touring experience. Mostly tech improvements under the hood.

Grab the open source download as an archive (cough, guys, GitHub), and read up on the hardware:

Another video details Matt’s personal journey through controllers and shows off what the MOJO is about:

  • David Cross

    1. Could you point us to any “open hardware license” resources?
    2. Does Github make sense here? There’s not really much code, per se, just CAD and vector drawing files.

    • Peter Kirn

      So, I realize that this actually isn’t all that intuitive. We have some links on the MeeBlip site: I’ll try to write a how-to article, especially biased to us music folk. ;)And yeah, I think GitHub makes sense for any open files that other people might modify, because it makes tracking those modifications easy. (I replied to Dave and Moldover separately, but expect this answer would be useful to others…)

  • Ryan Patrick Taylor

    He did a video a while back on physically modding an Axiom 25 to work with one of his templates – a great cheap place to start. 

  • Mr. Tunes

    wow that thing is a ton of work to put together! 

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  • Gsn8

    2k for a dozen buttons and 10 sliders???
    thats the price of 4 ipads or 10 bcrs,
    + the ton of wiring suggests an ever breaking machine