It’s like musical survival training. Quick: you’re stuck in a hotel. Can you make some music?

Our friend Recue, aka Riku Annala, was unexpectedly being stranded in a hotel and made it into a musical opportunity. The results are damned fine listening. (Thank whatever act of God / airlines prompted this.) You can enjoy the results, free. Riku writes:

Dunno if you remember but some time ago I shared the little cheap tape head “saturation” thingy with you.

I was recently ‘stuck’ in an airport hotel room (for other reasons than music), but the good thing was that I had my mobile studio setup with me. The released set started out as this sort of a spur-of-the-moment, tongue-in-cheek live jam, as I was messing around with random hip hop/pop-music vocals on top of bits and pieces of my own projects. Eventually, it started to sound so twisted in a good way that I decided to record the whole thing. The set is split in half with the first part being a performance video and the second the complete set as audio. The tools and methods are exactly of those covered on CDM regularly (NI Maschine run as a plugin on Ableton Live and controlled by Liine Lemur on an iPad).


Sure, the accessibility and mobility of music making is seen by some as some sort of assault on civilization. (I think frankly those are the sort of people who don’t like food and hate joy, grimacing every time they pass a playground.) But if you’ve made an investment in some nice mobile music tools, put them to good use. Heck, hand-wash your underwear if you have to make more space for music tech. That next unintended layover (oops, thunderstorms) could mean a new album instead of a frustrated, wasted, lonely night. And I like to think that the beauty of modern music tech is that it salvages wonderful music we might otherwise not hear, allows it to come into being.

Have a listen to the full set, and give it a download:

  • Jeff Laity

    Wow, that was cool. 

  • adam


  • Edison D

    hell yea!
    great stuff….
    good production and video…..
    big ups to computer music bad posture too….

    • Pokkle

      This was great but shut the fuck up Edison D.

    • Edison D

      aw, that’s cute princess…….

  • Jeff Laity

    How are you getting the “Kyma” -sounding effects on the percussion? Granular synthesis? 

    • Recue

      Haven’t heard too much Kyma to recognize what you mean by “Kyma-sounding” but granular sampling has been used to give some of the percussion a little stereo spread as they were recorded mono.

  • Philippe Pascal

    “And I like to think that the beauty of modern music tech is that it
    salvages wonderful music we might otherwise not hear, allows it to come
    into being.”

    This is the return of instruments in the sense of instruments standing by themselves.

    There was acoustic instruments, with intimate relationship.
    After that came electrical/electronic instruments, but most too big/cumbersome to be used anywhere else than in a studio or on stage (who said Mellotron and Moog Modular ?).

    And now we are back to more portable and intimate electrical/electronical instruments.
    Flexibility, portability and intimacy at the same time.

    Nice attitude and song 😉

  • aaron

    Great stuff as usual Riku

  • Matthew Flook

    Very stoked to see this talented artist join the ranks of our Portland, Oregon label Nueva Forma:

    I was weary of the iPad as a music controller for a long time, but recently worked it into my live setup running the Midipads app. Great work on this innovative performance!

  • Jo Publik

    Watch that back of yours Dude, it’s a precious thing, a back!

  • Exodub

    This gave me goosebumps and motivation/inspiration to work on some new tunes.

    In one word: awesome!

  • Recue

    Thank you Peter for the excellent write up and also everyone else for the kind words! I’m completely with Philippe and Peter on this one. The hugely improved accessibility and actually the fact that “any idiot can make music these days” is only a positive thing (hell, that’s why I’m doing it!). I’m a huge fan of the modern portable gear as it gives you the ability to get inspired in completely new places.

    (though the mosquitoes didn’t agree with me on this one in the end)

    @Jo Publik & Edison D
    I know, the set was played on a knee high night table and after the half an hour my back was killing me! But isn’t the ~90 degree angle pretty much a standard for electronic music anyway? We got to have something as the rockers have their occasional rehabs, so we can have our spine surgery.

    • Edison D

      yea, i recently got a stand for my live show… it’s helped the chiropractor bills!…
      but almost every electronic musician i’ve played with has pretty bad slump…
      we’re a slouching breed!

  • Elburz Sorkhabi

    Fantastic, loved it! Thanks for sharing, Peter!