The worlds of sound open to us as musicians seem limitless, endlessly unfolding in variety and possibility. So, even in a series of impressionistic moments from an upcoming film, it’s a delight to see composer Maja Ratkje play with sound.

The Norwegian musician and vocalist, an improviser frequent collaborator with artists like Jaap Blonk, is seen making wild sounds with her voice, experimenting with found sounds from field recordings and music boxes, and playing, too, with electronics and technology.

There’s perhaps not much more to say about this other than to let the experience of exploring sound in music wash over you. (It’s nice to see what I believe is her kid getting in on the action, too!) More background:

some impressions of the footage we filmed in 2010 (Berlin, Suffolk, Switzerland, Bruges, Trondheim, Oslo, and several other places all over Norway).

Edited by Ted Zbozien, Cleveland
Produced by Genesis Film, Haugesund/Oslo in co-production with dffb and IJB, Berlin

For more information please contact or

The film was promised in 2011, though I couldn’t find anything on it; let us know if you can. Thanks to stkr/Pete for the tip.

  • Sdfsd


  • Sdfsd

    useless noise 

  • PUhhhh

    fascinating how she looks serious while producing this noise. I love art and experimantal music but this has nothing to do with that. The music scene is too crowded. Everyone thinks that he/she can be an artist just by beeing extremely radical and pretend to be serious about it. The best of all is that such “ARTIST” believe that they are real artists because their expression is not understood (and never will be) ,…sound sculpting my ass ,..this is noise pure. And if anyone says that noise is art,..ok than,…this can be discussed but hey,…you do not have to be an “ARTIST” to make noise dam it!

    • Peter Kirn

      Actually, yes. Anyone can be an artist. Glad you just worked this out.

    • Barf

      I’m guessing that you aren’t acquainted with the noise music scene nor many contemporary artists?

    • Horaflora

      Are you sure you love experimental music?

  • Travis Mercredi

    Thanks for the update!  I followed some of Matje’s stuff back when she was doing collaboration with Norwegian Black Metal band Enslaved in 2007(I’m a major black metal fan).  Her work was broad going between more traditional music all the way to pure noise.  It’s clear she’s a sensitive being and its good to see her still pushing forward with her art.  @4a7b93e4f77237134983f3a721679ec0:disqus   If you think this is pure noise than I suggest educating yourself with what’s out there, likely you won’t because you have your tastes but if so then it makes everything you said moot.  There is a person in this sound, controlling, performing and manipulating as their creative self desires, it has heart to it that much is obvious.  On that note, how did CDM become so highjacked by trolls and assholes?  I’ve been coming here for a long time and it seems like most of the people talking on here now have little to contribute but much to fight about.  I come here for the new ideas not old narrow-minded opinions.  Thanks Peter for parsing through the noise and hot air and bringing me regular doses of inspiration.

  • Anders Tveit

    Great to hear about a fellow norwegian artist and compser but her name is not Matja ! it is Maja Ratkje.
    Should be corrected.

    • Maja S Kjelst Ratkje


  • PUhhhh

    useless noise

    • Barf

      *eye roll*

  • King

    This is awesome and excited to see the film…..i actually hope the film is edited the whole way thru like this!

  • seth

    Hey Peter, thanks for the pointer.

    According to Liebermann’s website, the film is scheduled for 2013.

  • Horaflora

    On the IJB site they have it slated for 2013, and have a demo reel of additional footage up.

    • Horaflora

      Oops, didn’t see Seth’s post there at first.

  • Abookoffiverings

    This is very uncomfortable music, kinda like the soundtrack from “There will be blood”

  • rl

    Fun with german legislation
    “Leider ist dieses Video, das Musik von UMG enthält, in Deutschland nicht
    verfügbar. Die GEMA hat die Verlagsrechte hieran nicht eingeräumt.”

    (Unfortunately, this video contains music from UMG, not available in Germany. GEMA has not given the publishing rights thereto.)

  • Rich

    Beautiful. Maja, Arve, Alog – some of the most meaningful music I’ve had the honor of experiencing. Thanks for sharing this!