There are a few spots in the world that are active hotspots for music tech geekery, and in San Francisco, it’s definitely all about Robotspeak. CNET’s Donald Bell – known to some of us back in the day as terrific IDM producer Chachi Jones – visits the store that once employed him. (This gives me extra-happy memories, because years ago I was fortunate enough to play an A/V set at Robotspeak alongside Donald and Daedalus.)

Donald explains more of why Robotspeak is cool on a CNET blog post:
Robotspeak: An electronic musician’s toy store

All of this gives me an idea. Austin has Switched On. Berlin has Schneidersladen. LA has Big City and Analog Haven. We need a tourist guide to the planet, don’t we?

So, we’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite music tech stores – places so special, you don’t just buy goods there, but actually would tell tourists to make a special trip in your town to visit them, places you’d hang out, places you know you’ll run into other musicians? Where are the seismic epicenters of music geekdom on Earth, whatever continent you may call home?

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Or answer below:

  • Livid Instruments

    One of our first dealers, long live Robotspeak!

  • Curtis Molds

     If any of you are ever in the Chicago area check out…Transistor 3819 N. Lincoln Avenue, they got a nice little selection of homemade synths and other electronics.

  • Osc

    Bit ‘o trivia: The green building shown @ the beginning of the clip is the former Serge Modular factory, after they relocated from Hollywood.

  • Suryummy

    Robotspeak is such a great place, best store and store owners in SF!

  • Peter Kirn

    So far: Moog Music Montreal, Main Drag Brooklyn I’ve been to — Noise Bug in Pamona, Creative Clubhouse in Edmonton, “You-Do-It” in Needham, and Chuck Levin’s DC are new to me.

    Hey, other continents … waiting to hear from you! (Europe, for instance? Tokyo I know has a few special places.)

    Thanks for the survey entries, though; this should make building a starter map for everybody a lot easier.

  • Federico

    Please do a map and share it with us. I have to visit all these stores!

  • kid versus chemical

    I don’t know if there is a Heaven or an afterlife, but that place is pretty much what I imagine my version of Heaven to be.