In their lonely, intimate single “Pillatu,” the Chile-based duo of Vicente Espinoza and Alfredo Duarte offer some haunting music-making. Entitled El Gato, la Virgen & el Diablo (“the cat, the virgin, and the devil”), the artists are also making a kind of multimedia presentation of the work. Thanks to these CDM readers for sending in their work.

Fire up the SoundCloud-based music, and you can play a series of video loops in a grid that sits alongside the music. It’s a nice window into their sonic world, with short video clips of sounds from bicycles to Korg Monotron.

In fact, those sounds can be so nicely hypnotic that you may try turning off the main track just to switch them on and off for a soothing set of echoing noises.

Here’s the single itself:


And more sounds on SoundCloud:

En Español:

Pilletu es el primer single de El Gato, la Virgen & el Diablo, que suena mejor si lo escuchas desde este micro-sitio.

La idea es bien simple: a medida que se reproduce la canción puedes ir activando los clips que se encuentran a la derecha, complementándola con estos sonidos.

Esperamos disfrutes, participes y compartas.

  • Alfredo Duarte

    Thank you Peter (L)

  • Roy Macdonald

    Nice music!
    I’m from chile also. Good to see some chilean things posted here.
    There are a lot of interesting things, musically speaking, going on here.
    Peter, if you ever wish to research about the chilean musical scene I’d be glad to help.

  • DAB RadiosfromPure & Roberts

     I have never heard any Chilean music before (or if I did, I did not realise it was Chilean). I am glad I was overcome with curiosity and hit the play button. I am listening to it at 3 AM and it cannot be more haunting.

    • Filitico

      try ricardo villalobos…he’s chilean

    • Roy Macdonald

       he’s was borned in CHile but was raised in Germany and his music has much more to do with germany than with chile. He has nothing or almost nothing to do with the chilean musical scene. He even doesn’t speak chilean spanish very well.
      If you are into electronica/hiphhop try Dj Raff. He’s really good.

    • Peter Kirn

      Yes, definitely – though it is worth saying, a lot of what the German scene is is because of Latin American influence – quite directly, often, with touring artists. That’s not to take away from Detroit, but it’s these other threads in the fusion that seem to get lost. And that means people might miss the next big fusion, even as it’s happening!

    • nontablist

      if you want to listen more chilean electronic music, go and check Dj Bitman or Dj Raff wich are great hiphop/electronic composers. also check Chico Trujillo and Los Jaivas wich are more an introduction to our popular music, and if you want some experimental stuff check the chilean netlabel Pueblo Nuevo (

      Enjoy Chilean Music


    this grabs me because i’m thinking to myself…how do the video clips sync? and…they don’t…it’s just ambient looping…at first you don’t think it works but it’s like wind chimes. have you ever tried to replicate playing the randomness of wind chimes? it’s better to just sample a whole 3 to 4 minutes worth and let that loop.

  • nontablist

    the spanish texts says something like this:

    Pilletu its the first single of “el gato, la virgen y el diablo” (the Cat, the Virgin and the Devil), wich sound much better from this microsite.

    The idea is very simple, meanwhile your listening the de song you can activate the clips at the right, adding new sounds.

    We hope you enjoy, participate and share!!!