You’re not, in fact, a lonely bedroom musician with no friends. You’ve got friends. You’ve got collaborators. You’ve got audio and visual artists who want to play with your laptop with sync piped between you, and yet wireless synchronization for laptop performance has often been an elusive ideal. Here, in spectacular fashion, you can see it all come together over WiFi with Ableton Live, a projection-mapped coffeemaker, and everything from percolation sounds to the keypad sound effect from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

This just in from Barcelona – a new Max for Live plug-in is making laptops and coffee pots jam in harmony. A proper review is in order from CDM. (Well, once we find a few friends… by astounding coincidence, I’ll be surrounded by Ableton users – visual and audio – next week in Rome. I’ll make it happen.) But that’s no reason to deny you the pleasure of the video now. It’s the best part of waking up.


  • Guest

    great guys but c’mon turn down the flute a little please

  • thea garcia

     You should also feature this band in your future post.. Check out their latest single “Stars” from OakStreetBlues. This would be a great addition to your site.

  • GingerPurple

    Check out purple latex loving –  The Medullary Paralysis new album out May 29 -

  • Pierlu

    you will be in rome next week? where and when? and for what!?

  • Svantana

    Great! Now, can someone please persuade these guys to release the patch publicly?

  • Zubetei

    So there I was ecstatic, then searching in vain…why you tease me?

  • Warpl00

    It will be a shame if we need to buy Max for Live to get proper syncing. It’s a feature that SHOULD work reliably just in Live.

    • Marcus

      longtime lurker, but just thought I’d ask if anyone’s heard of Innerclock Systems? I’m not a spokesperson for the company, no affiliation, but they sell midi sync devices that sync laptops, synths, anything that uses midi. I mean, they’re not cheap and if this patch were readily available that would be awesome! But I do wonder whether over a long set, the sync would be 100% reliable. In any case, here’s the link to Innerclock Systems Product. Just be warned: it’s an interesting laid our site! 

  • ooeevv

    Peter Kirn: thank you very much!