This may already be the image you have in your mind of Skrillex’s fan base, but let’s get real: these are actual kids, and they really are getting introduced to electronic dance music through Skrillex for the first time.

“What is dubstep?”

Darned if I know any more, kid.

What have we learned?

1. All kids sound cooler when they have English accents. (It’s unreal. They can be throwing a temper tantrum and still sound oddly sophisticated, or at least charmingly in-character. CDM’s sizable readership of English people may wonder what the heck I’m talking about, then dare me to buy an umbrella and take up babysitting until I come to my senses.)
2. This video will prompt haterade in comments so long as you have a soul made of ice.
3. Kids can dance.
4. These kids look cooler than I do.
5. Saying you need to take substances to understand Electronic Dance Music is a fair statement – that is, provided you have entirely lost connection with your inner child or ability to dance. (That’s not to judge the use of such substances one way or another, only to say viewing any substance as a prerequisite to music appreciation may be overstatement. This does bring new meaning to candy ravers, however.)
6. VICE got kids dancing to Skrillex. What should CDM introduce them to? (Xenakis might terrify them; how about Aphex Twin?)

After all, I do hear dance music advocates routinely point out that Skrillex could be an introduction to young folks to electronic music that opens more doors later. These kids are absolutely getting a fresh start.

“Where’s the after-party?”

Updated: Answer – after-party is right here…

3-year old: “I’m a Jungalist!!!”

(Thanks, Gwydion!)

  • Rui Pereira

    aaah… my niece got introduced to electronic music through Raymond Scott, she luvs it!!

    oo.. she luvs Aphex’s milkman, she asks who’s squirrel X ?!

    • door

      it’s springtime again…i do so dearly want to make english babies now!
      squirrel X is a great, great name :)

  • Robert Halvarsson

    “This music makes me wanna slap my sisters fat bum!” I think we finally have a case to destroy brostep. Case closed.

    Ice ice baby ;D

  • cooptrol

    I always have had the impression that wobbly bass sounds like kids whining..

  • josh giesbrecht

    I love this and I am so scared when I see those kids sharing candy.

  • Alexplosive

    I think the drop is when you drop being sensible. LIKE.

  • Matthew James Logan

    My son (age 10) has been listening to Aphex Twin since birth and will often request his albums while we drive to various places.  He likes the more energetic stuff and has a thing for acid.  He loves Electronic Dance Music and makes tunes with me.

    • kobe

      that’s awesome. 

  • kobe

    aphex twin? just don’t show them the videos. 😉

    • Antonio

      haha that’s just cruel.

      the video was great, i’m watching the rest of them.

  • Bendish

    They sound like Mummy and Daddy just brought them down from Mussy Hill for the day.

    In between shoots they get their organic rye, hummous and wild turnip sandwiches….

    I love the way we anthropomorphise children……like ha they’re less developed than we are…funny!

  • Aaron

    I would like some milk from the milkman’s wife’s tits.

    • Richard

       ahahahahaha it has been so long since i have watched that. though to be honest his more serious endeavors in music are really awesome and have a cool aphex twins vibe.

  • kid versus chemical

    That was really cute. Kids have no filter, I love it. And I agree %100 with your bullet points, especially #1.

    My kids are 4 and 10 months, sometimes they like the music I make/listen to, other times I think it annoys them (just like adults). They still prefer “wheels on the bus” and “down by the bay” for sure.

    1 other note…there is show on Nick Jr called Yo Gabba Gabba that has some really great music in it, from chiptune to electro to straight rock, awesome stuff and kids are into it.

  • EATYone

    My Daughter… 3 years old… (now 6): love playing electro, love builing thing with me: photo her first Arduinome, and her first burn :-(

    • Peter Kirn

      Ow! That looks painful! But otherwise – brilliant stuff! 

  • Gwydion

    Peter, seen this already – – ?

  • Newpotty

    Oh it is so true. WIth their English accents, they seem much more intelligent and cultured than we North American colonists could ever be. They are our colonial masters.

  • GingerPurple

    Check out purple latex loving –  The Medullary Paralysis new album out May 29 -

  • Norm Johnson

    Lets put our kids on a video with fake ecstacy! Sounds like a good plan to me!

  • Robert Halvarsson

    Luv the afterparty btw. Jungle ftw!

  • Antonio

    It reminds me of the Breakfast at Sulymay’s with all kinds of music reviewed by old folks, pretty funny stuff.
    Here’s the link

  • Tylaperry

    Skrillex is DaDa Music so by definition children will love it.
    It’s like quantized aphex twin if he were medicated!

  • Nyquistic

    On point 5. above, let’s get real: there’s no way this music would have ever appealed to a culture who only consumed tea and biscuits.  All good fun, but let’s be careful when kids are involved.

  • pulsn

    My five year old actually dislikes Skrillex. But she loves when i turn on my Elektron Machinedrum. 😉
    Interesting is this especially when you hear the comments that parents say about Skrillex, once their kids introduces them to his music. “That makes me go out and do things!”.

  • Matt Walters

    “..makes him look a bit chavvy.” Gold.