Quick! You need to send music to someone! You need to make it count!

I love SoundCloud and whatnot, but with everyone so overwhelmed by music, there’s something about making something physical. We’ve covered this topic before, but:

1. I think we can all use a break from 2,000 word posts with 150 comments and controversy over deadmau5 (or Paris Hilton DJ debuts – staying away from that one).
2. CDM can only rarely link to wedding sites. This is one of those times.
3. With many variations out there, this one is especially nicely done, and nicely photographed, and illustrates the utility of using nice paper.

So, as the CD enjoys its final days, make that physical copy matter to someone. (It’s still an affordable way to give them a physical object – USB sticks aren’t there yet.)

D.I.Y Friday… Mix C.D. Place Settings [Rock My Wedding – seriously, the name of the site. Have we even mentioned weddings on CDM?]

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I guess I’ll see you again when I repeat this post in 2013. Like a passing comet… and made still more bittersweet by the absence of a CD drive on those new MacBooks. (Think how special it’ll be when someone connects the external drive to rip your handmade CD… or, perhaps, fires up a vintage CD Walkman or hi-fi…)

  • papernoise

    deadmau5? 😀
    anyway… I had seen this technique to create a quick CD jacket somewhere but had dismissed it as too quickly-made looking. I have to admit though, that with the right typo and graphics on it, it can look quite lovely!

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Yeah, exactly – materials, implementation here were everything. (There’s a lesson there somewhere…)

  • papernoise

    oh and btw. I’m glad I still have my Discman :)

  • http://www.endk.com/ Prof. [glazzy] from [dK]

    For the last release of my band we’ve made a handmade fabric CD case, we made them one by one and they’re all different.

    You can check it here if you like: http://dkasdecay.bandcamp.com/album/method-and-hate

  • xonox

    Thanks to you, i now know Paris Hilton is a DJ.  

  • http://twitter.com/worldrecordlbl World Record Label

    Cool idea!

  • Regend

    if CD’s are on their way out, and devices are lacking ability to play them, how are people sharing music in the physical realm? a lot of people i know have pandora accounts but pandora doesn’t allow me to upload mixes or songs the way SoundCloud does. a lot of people have iOS devices but i can’t send tracks to them via wireless or bluetooth…or can i? i almost want to get an android device to see if i can send other android users music. the CD is dead as far as i’m concerned.

  • nick

    Cool but no damage protection if you drop it in a bag with other stuff like people tend to do when handed something.

  • http://holland-hopson.myopenid.com/ Holland Hopson

    I love the simplicity of this design. No cutting makes it a winner for me. I’ve done 2 releases with paper packaging and letterpress printing.


    Both used a die designed to cut out the proper shape for the paper. The die-cut paper is then super simple to fold, but I love the idea of printing and folding with no cutting necessary.

  • Visualjakub

    Another one, bit more complex

  • jakub