Oh, sure, other controllers may be sleek and compact. They may have spacious, easy-to-hit controls. But if “pushing buttons” has been controversial, well… some DJs want more buttons to push. Some want something a little over the top. Meet the 4MidiLoop 4TrackTrigger. It’s nothing if not a maximalist DJ controller. And with a build from one of our favorite makers, Germany’s Faderfox, and design for the latest version of Traktor (2.5) via Switzerland’s Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions, it’s something else, too.

It’s the DJ controller you’d absolutely want to take with you to your secret DJ lair in your secluded castle.

Seriously, this thing is looking like a fine piece of hardware, and for DJs planning complex, twitchy sets, it seems ripped straight out of a 747 center console. (Faderfox, for its part, has been a name associated with getting lots of controls in one place – and, if this boggles your mind, there are much smaller, more affordable controllers for various apps, Traktor being only one.) You can add this to the previous 4MidiLoop Monster:
Faderfox 4midiloop: True, Four-deck, Four-effect Traktor Control

It may well be on its way to evil DJ castles. Creator Ivo promises an “ultra small production run” of this ultra-big, ultra-button-packed beast. Preorder is starting now; delivery will start mid-August. 1500 € – plus VAT, plus shipping. (I suggest having a courier bring it on his back via horseback in the middle of a storm-ridden night. Berlin’s recent weather would do nicely.)

I’m happy to just marvel at this thing as a wonder of the modern controller world.


  • 150 buttons
  • 17 encoders
  • 17 pots
  • 6 (!) displays
  • 188 LEDs
  • Pedal inputs
  • Aluminum case

As the description puts it:

Two features worth highlighting are the centred key-array with 78 multicoloured buttons and the 4 extra long LED-bars. It is pure pleasure to trigger hot cues, start samples and to activate effects with the precise buttons. No imprecise feeling compared to all the other rubber keys out there but a controllable behaviour with excellent response.
In addition the precise catching encoders allow the fastest possible access to functions such as browse, seek, loop-size and loop-move. Needless to say it is that exactly these features which are essential for a modern Digital-DJ.
Of course we have built in the well-proven FX department with a simultaneous control for all 4 FX-slots. They come with 16 dedicated potentiometers and 20 buttons.
On top of that we have the Master Clock and the Loop Recorder sections which are fitted with luxury display LED bars and all necessary functions in order to make all Traktor departments easy accessible.

What’s a luxury display LED? No idea. But based on the build of other Faderfox gear, and the sheer number of controls (trust me, prices add up), I’d say that pricetag sounds about right.

Handmade in Switzerland and Germany.

By the way, this is a perfect time to mention again Traktor 2.5 support for Remix Decks – which we badly want to be open. Previously:
Traktor 2.5 Remix Decks + Custom Controllers: What You Need to Know, Why HID Matters

I suspect that a forthcoming Traktor update – and firmware update for this hardware – could remedy that. In the meantime, though, this controller is still darned powerful even without full access to the 4×4 matrix of Remix Decks. (Indeed, just using four decks isn’t a bad idea for some sets.) Here’s what the manual says about that section:

Remix Deck mode
All buttons in the Key-Array as well as the encoder and the buttons in the deck sections have
different functions and subsequently also different commands in the Remix- and Track Deck modes. LED-Bars in the Key-Array – In the Remix Deck mode all LEDs light up for Play of a Remix Deck.
Hotcue-LEDs – In the Remix Deck mode the LEDs 1 – 4 show an occupied slot in the loop mode. A lighting LED 5–8 shows an occupied slot in the One-Shot mode. Blinking LEDs show a running and un-muted slot.
Deck-Displays – In the Remix-Deck “General Mode“ the loop size is always shown, unless the Move / Size Encoder is pressed, whereby the indication switches between the Move-Size (Encoder 4) and Loop-Size (Encoder 3). The red LEDs next to the encoders show which parameter is presently on the display. The loop lengths and move lengths are indicated directly. The decimal points serve as dividers for the indications.
In the Remix-Deck “Volume Mode” and “Filter Mode” the adjusted value from 0 – 99 respective +/-99 is indicated for encoders 1 – 4. The decimal points serve as minus sign for the filter indications.

More pics:



Previously (and not requiring a secluded castle basement studio):
Controller Hardware: A New Faderfox for Traktor Pro 2

  • kent williams

    I wonder if we’re going to get to the point where DJs will start using controllers, like Prog Rock drummers set up their kits.  A proper DJ would need at least 3 of these thingers, plus some Novation Launch Pads, and an array of MidiFighters. And a Tron Guy suit.

  • Oliver Chesler

    Hah crazy! I like it!

  • lematt

    far too many buttons and controls to be able to “DJ” for me !

  • lematt

    the right computer DJing controller still has to be created ! simple, effective, nicely built, with just enough feedback so you don’t have to watch the computer.
    for the moment, they all look so ugly and are all so big (or too small) that the best solution now is to take a USB drive and plug it into a CDJ 2000 pair.

    • kent williams

      I honestly don’t think that DJing has ever been held back by a lack of buttons.  In fact, I’d say the best DJ sets I’ve seen were done with minimal gear and depended on track selection and timing, not fidgety tricks with loops & effects.

      Richie Hawtin has become a less interesting DJ imho the more crazy tech he’s added to the DJ booth.  The whole idea of a DJ having any respect for the source material goes out the window when it’s broken down into tiny fragments and recombined with other out-of-context fragments.

    • Rasmus Källqvist

       Why should a DJ care for the source material? Depending on the philosophy, one camp wants to spread and share source material, another camp sees tracks as raw material to use in the creation of something on a dance floor.

    • Docx

      Finding and spinning good music is one talent, chopping stuff up to create new music is a different talent. Somebody may be brilliant at one but suck at the other. Or be brilliant at one but just OK at the other. Or suck at both. Or be brilliant at both; but that’s the rarest.

  • nayseven

     I am not really surprised, after all imagine the number of buttons and knobs on the wall of synthesizers of Pink Floyd a few decades ago…now we use Midi and OSC so why not for a Midi Controller Wall ( MCW, i copyright the name ) on stage…?  😉

  • WORM


  • youngcircle

    So completely over the top, it sort of brings out the little kid in you. I love it, and I’m going to do my best to talk one of my trust fund friends into ordering one so that I can play with it :)

    • me

      trust fund friends where did u get them from could i borrow one

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.ijsselstein Patrick Ijsselstein

    the more buttons the more problems…..

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      “Mo Buttons, Mo Problems” by astounding coincidence the title of my upcoming controllerist memoir…

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.ijsselstein Patrick Ijsselstein

    2 knobs 2 buttons, do more with less. A lot cheaper also….

  • Kaptik

    looking at this thing gives me a headache

  • MadeInMachines

    All this and you still need a DJ mixer. I really want it though. I like to have a control for everything properly labeled but 1500 € – plus VAT, plus shipping – not a chance I’d pay that for it.

    • Mike

      Agreed. I’d really like this controller but the price is a little steep. Roughly $1,900 shipped to the U.S. is a bit above the sweet spot.

  • David Hollands

    I love it, but I’d almost like it split in 2 – with the mixer in the middle.  Feels more natural plus sometimes a stand isn’t an option.

  • Brandb909

    Wish more vendors would include 4 out USB audio on these devices. Makes me wonder if people actually gig with this stuff or just keep it at home.

    • Mike

      This controller is specifically designed to be used with an external mixer.

  • poopoo the korruptah

    Woah! What next? DJs making their own tunes?