Control from your [Livid] Code, without [writing] code. And that’s an excuse to show this beautiful custom Livid Code controller, one of a number of devices from Akai, Livid, and Korg supported with this powerful tool.

You’re not other people. You want things your way, right away. You might not want to buy a new controller for each piece of software, or, worse, the latest controller that purports to control said software, and then live with the particular way in which the two integrate.

You want things to work the way you want things to work, darnit.

Hidden in the depths of Ableton Live, MIDI Remote Scripts have for some time allowed you to map controllers to software functions. Now, you could do fancy things with Max for Live, but that means, first, buying Max for Live, and second, learning Max for Live.

So, for some time we’ve been a fan of the powerful mapping tools from NativeKontrol. They don’t require you to run another app or buy Max for Live as an add-on and then load a patch. Instead, once loaded, your controller integrates with Live directly. MapEase takes the concept to the next level, allowing powerful custom mappings without writing a line of code. And it works with a variety of hardware controllers.

Erik Cornellier, an interested user excited by the notion, writes CDM wondering why the whole thing hasn’t gotten more press coverage. As he puts it, “it seems pretty revolutionary for Ableton users … [it] directly edits Ableton remote scripts for a slew of controllers, allowing much more flexibility in creating mappings without having to learn Python, etc.”

The creators explain why it makes sense to work with the MIDI Remote Scripts:

So what’s a MIDI Remote Script? These are scripts that run inside of Live to provide advanced control over Live. As an example, all of the functionality that the Akai APC40 provides is accomplished via a MIDI Remote Script.

Traditionally, customizing MIDI Remote Scripts and/or the functionality of a MIDI controller to suit your particular needs would require programming and lots of trial and error. With MapEase Series applications, deep levels of customization are available at the click of your mouse.


  • Custom presets, with on-the-fly-switching.
  • Built-in Functions for controlling various aspects of Live’s operation.
  • Onscreen displays for visual feedback.
  • Built-in documentation.

Supported hardware (see additional requirements for each on the site):

  • Akai APC20, APC40
  • Akai MPD32
  • Korg nanoKONTROL, nanoKONTROL2
  • Livid Instruments Code
  • Livid Instruments Ohm64, OhmRGB

(I think I speak for many readers when I say, wanted: Native Instruments Maschine and Maschine MIKRO support!)

The video shows everything in action:

Each model is US$28.50. (I actually rather wish they’d just bundle them all together, given some of us own multiples! But it could certainly be well worth it – just be advised, sales are final, though we’ve heard good results with all their stuff from readers.)


Awesome as this is, I dream of the day Ableton adds this kind of custom control to their software. We’ll know, once the next release of their tool goes public. (Hint to rivals: nailing this is a great way to differentiate your tool, as we’ve seen Renoise do with its controller mappings.)

  • Alkopop79

    There’s nothing wrong with having to learn Max and Python :)

    • Peter Kirn

      Not at all. But changing the way a button assigns to Live may or may not be the best reason to do so.

    • Greg Lőrincz

      No argument on this!

    • RNI

      For me, it’s the best reason!

    • V-F!

      Except for if you have Dyscalculia like me.  

  • DJ Invisiboy

    Where can we get more info on that code voyager?

  • Stoersignal

    i was a beta tester since the very beginning and i really can recommend it!! it`s just perfect. all nativekontrol products are good, but mapease is really all you need!!

  • Heinrich Zwahlen

    Very nice,  Livid does it again..Maschine is also using the Midi remote Scripts for Ableton control btw.
    I just couldn’t be bothered with stuff like the Novation Auto mapping.

    • Stoersignal

       mapease has nothing to do with livid, only some controllers of them are supported, thats it. and yes maschine uses midi remote scripts as all the other supported controllers (dozens) do.

  • David

    Bah, just a small handful of controllers supported, and it’s hardcoded software sold on a per-controller basis. 

    From the headline I was expecting something like Renoise’s Duplex, something that blows it wide open for ever and everyone. In comparison this is pretty lame. Not useless, mind you, just… *shrugs*

  • Marc

    Write your own Midi Remote Script : (free).  New version coming via 100% open source w/APC 40+ handshake (programming help appreciated). I also have the largest repository of ALL MRS Python files on the internet if anyone needs coding suggestions. @djnsm on twitter to connect

  • LegsMechanical

    I beta tested the maschine version, and am surprised to see its not officially supported or available right now

  • LegsMechanical

    By the way, I highly recommend ALL of nativekontrol’s products. Their LPC product for launchpad will change the way you look at that little controller, and is one of the few truly mouseless solutions i’ve seen for ableton. Do yourselves a favor and check out the product demo on the nativekontrol page.

  • Stray_at_nativeKONTROL

    Thank you for sharing this information about MapEase, Peter. And thanks to Erik for bringing it to your attention.

    As far as bundle discounts, these aren’t currently available on our site, but we’re always happy to offer discounts to returning customers and to those purchasing multiple products. Just contact us and we’ll work something out.

    @David, I completely understand your point. However, in order to provide advanced functionality that directly caters to the capabilities of a given controller and makes it easily accessible, controller-specific applications/scripts are warranted. Having said that though, we do plan on adding editions for more controllers and general-purpose solutions might be possible in the future.

    • Peter Kirn

      Right, I’d say this is more of an issue with the hardware/software vendors than you guys. So, I see one other comment on this here – very interested in Maschine hardware support. 😉

    • Stray_at_nativeKONTROL

      Maschine was supported in early rounds of beta testing, but had to be removed due to a bug in Maschine on at least some OS X system. You can read about that on NI’s forum. For example:

      A lot of work went into supporting Maschine, so I really would like to release an edition for it, but this bug will need to get fixed first and that’s taking a lot longer than I expected unfortunately.

  • Raul U

    nice one thanks alot …the 1st link seem to be broken regards