RGB pads, custom hardware colors, and time stretching. Photo: Arvid Jense for CDM.

Updated: Maschine is now more colorful (via new hardware), has new accessories including a handy stand, and updated, more usable software. CDM has an exclusive hands-on with the new hardware with impressions, updates on what’s changed in the hardware and software, and loads of pictures.

Maschine, which combines custom drum-pad hardware with tightly-integrated production software, now gets a controller with RGB color pads and custom color cases. A software update for all users – including those of you with the original hardware- brings enhanced usability features, new effects, and now a free bundled copy of the virally-popular Massive soft synth.

I’d be really surprised by all of this news, except – well, we were trying out Maschine MkII yesterday:

Check out our full gallery.

  • cooptrol

    I don’t get it.. Why can’t they do a standalone machine? I mean, something you can configure and program thoroughly on the computer but can then use then separately to perform. It’s annoying to keep on depending on carrying a laptop onstage while using something the size of an MPC. And what’s the point of all that amazing visual feedback if you still have the screen of your laptop bathing your face in blue light?

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Because Apple (to name one) can make that machine at a vastly different economy of scale, for one.

      Because the cost of what you’re describing is going to be higher – or the flexibility is going to be less. That’s the reality. There’s still a place for that standalone hardware, but that’s probably another discussion.

      As for the blue glow – you can use Maschine without looking at your computer. So turn off the screen, hide it under the table, whatever.

    • cooptrol

      I agree about the costs issue, something that slipped the AKAI execs when they released their “Maschine” MPC (unexplainable move imho).
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m no live-laptop detractor. Even if I only use hardware for sound, I still use a laptop for live visuals in my rig. It’s just that it would be lovely to see the NI approach to a standalone. Maybe someday.. As for the glow, excuse my poetics! :p It was just a tacky expression to describe the laptop-on-stage scenario.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Absolutely. And don’t get me wrong, either – it’s entirely possible to do an integrated/embedded product — and it has advantages. NI could have done it. It’s just clear they’ve decided not to go that direction, and I can think of a few reasons why not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heino.juul.3 Heino Juul

    im honestly just tired of NI releasing new hardware way before they iron out basic software issues for the models already on the market… seems to be kinda typical with that company

  • dustinwind

    So no time stretch on new Maschine?