Switches and things you may or may not recognize… but, you know, don’t worry, not only are there hundreds of presets, but randomly switching presets is a lot of fun.

Permut8 is the kind of thing that inspires the dreams of people who love digitally-manipulated sound. From legendary Swedish developer Magnus Lindström (Malström in Reason, MicroTonic), it’s a digital delay gone very, very mad.

Think delays, flangers, bit crushing, beat repeating, and “circuit-bent” digital insanity.

The core of the idea is a 12-bit digital delay with variable sample rate, all controlled by a programmable processor. That lets you do things you … shouldn’t. Various digital operators let you mangle and manipulate sounds, for effects that can be sonorous and beautiful or clangy or hideously-distorted, subtle or extreme, or any combination. You can get some idea of what this means by listening to the sound samples below.

It’s raw but delicious – you know, like sushi. I’ve started playing with it and I’m already in love; full review soon.


  • 12-bit digital delay
  • Variable sample rate from 0 to 352 khz
  • Programmable processor with selectable operators
  • Virtual analog saturation, limiting, filter
  • 11 program banks with 320 presets
  • VST 2.4, Audio Unit 2 host support, or try a free host; Mac, Windows


Sounds and video:


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Philippe-Pascal/100003217824975 Philippe Pascal

    Nice one !
    Sonic Charge create very innovative plugins.
    Bitspeek is nice too.

    • Motion

      Its able to change itself with swappable firmware upgrades (saveable/recallable with the preset too).Have some fun in the terminal!

    • Motion

      I should say you need to have it registered/own a license, not sure if it will work for those using demo….hit the PERMUT8 logo and terminal will open….Type SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) or Ringmod..should work.

    • Random Chance

      Very nice so far (especially with the 25% discount) but I have had no luck with the terminal. All it I can get is the help text, all other commands prompt me for a user name and password. Apparently it’s supposed to be some sort of challenge (the popup help talks about “cracking the logon”). Anyone here know more about this?

    • Motion

      Hi Random Chance…enter:


      other commands:


      should get you going.

    • Random Chance

      Yeah, it works with “username” and “password.” The assembler bits are seriously cool (for some twisted definition of the word). My god, it’s full of data statements …

  • Random Chance

    I have yet to test drive this plugin, but I love the PDP-8 inspired looks and word length as the PDP-8 is one of my favorite vintage mini computers. In addition to that i’s very inspiring. Makes me want to fire up XCode and see if I can wrap my head around the new Audio Unit API introduced in 10.7.

  • joe_gore

    Thanks for hipping me to this, Peter. Just bought it, and it’s TOTALLY bitchin’ on guitar. :)

  • Robert Halvarsson

    I luv that they took the time to make it unique. To much copy-paste stuff floating around VST-land. 

  • BassTooth

    love how squelchy it gets! please, more stuff like this; original.

  • BassTooth

    image failed. I lose at internets.

  • http://howto-makebeats.com/ Redbeard, How to Make Beats

    Impressive. Haven’t bought but very tempting…

  • http://twitter.com/wi_ngo wingo shackleford

    This looks amazing.  Reminds me of some of the sounds I used to get sampling synths into my old Akai through a crappy guitar head. Definitely gonna give this a go.

  • Bob Bell

    Loving the demo, I Lol’d within about 10 seconds of playin’ with this so yeah, sold! Roll on payday :)

  • youngcircle

    Wow, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything on this site get 10 positive comments in a row/ no disses. I better download this now, as the apocalypse is apparently minutes away :)