Algoriddim’s djay, aside from being a very nice Mac app, has demonstrated that an iPhone or iPad can be a serious DJ tool. For many DJs, they’re just a handy, portable backup or compliment to the full-powered DJ setup, one that nonetheless gives you familiar tools and options. But they really can do most of what desktop software can do, and you can add on physical controls with accessories.

New versions of djay are nicely optimized for Apple’s newest hardware (iPhone 5) and software (iOS 6, which also works with a lot of existing iOS gadgets).

As such, they also reveal a lot of what is now possible on the latest versions of Apple’s platforms:

  • [iOS 6] Complete iTunes store integration. Browse through songs, preview (with rewind/forward) what they sound like, and purchase within the app, even including find-as-tyou-type search.
  • [iOS/iOS 6] Work with multichannel audio (previously in iOS), and multiple routing points (new to iOS 6). There are actually two points here. You have the ability to support multichannel audio interfaces in djay, previously unavailable, and you also can route headphone output and main output separately – so even without a multichannel interface, you could use, say, both the headphone jack and an HDMI or USB out. That’s a big deal for DJs, because finally, you can pre-cue tracks, but also should mean apps with multichannel recording and playback, other tools with separate cueuing, and, heck, even iPad-based surround rigs if you want them. These work with multi-channel USB audio interfaces and accessories, HDMI audio, and docks. (Android has some similar features here, too – HDMI is looking great on mobile.) Clarification: I was a bit unclear on the multichannel and multipoint functionality.
  • [iPhone 5] 4G/LTE support. Now, downloading music off a mobile connection is starting to look practical. Wedding DJs, your phone has arrived.
  • [iPhone 5] 4″ retina display. This is a no-brainer we should see in iOS apps soon.


  • Panic Bomber

    I checked out their website but didn’t see anything listed about multi-channel audio. Any more information about this? How does it work?

    • Tom Wilson

      I just tried it out. I just plugged in a cheap USB audio interface I had lying around via the iPad camera connection kit and it worked a charm.

    • hza h


    • Steve Conrad

      Many USB Class compliant devices which currently work with iPad + Apple Camera Connection Kit are listed here:
      and iPad Auria MultiTrack has a list of multichannel USB Class Compliant interfaces
      Id like someone to test the Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL

      Supposed to provide 18 IN -and 18 Out on iPad with Auria

      The hope is that a future lightning “Camera Connection Kit” (for the new iPad mini due in December, 2012) MIGHT also work with iPhone 5.

  • mercury

    i know this is not related to this post but otherwise my comment may get lost. remember that french kid with the launchpad from a while ago – the video with the daft punk samples played live – anyways, the kid, madeon, is huge now and played coachella. and his music is actually damn good! thought it would be good to give him a shout out as it has been a while since that video and it is nuts to realize that a 17 yr old bedroom producer can become so huge so fast!

  • Jason

    If you can now hook up USB audio interfaces to your iOS devices I think that deserves an article of its own. This is (would?) be huge. Imagine if I could hook up my RME Fireface UFX to my iPhone and have 60 channels of IO with my freaking phone! Is there a compatibility list for this somewhere?

    • Mutis Mayfield

      USB class compliant?

    • Jamie Riley

      Yeah, that’s going to keep RME and other interfaces with drivers from being used.

    • dustinw

      RME has a good solution in their UCX interface. When you turn it on you decide if it boots into Class Compliant mode or advanced mode. In Advanced mode you get all the channels, routing and changing settings from software. In USB mode you only get 8 in/out and you have to change any settings via buttons on the interface but you don’t need drivers:

    • Jason

      Wow. That is really cool. I wonder if they could add that to the UFX? Guess it depends if it is only a firmware change that would be needed. Probably makes more sense with their smaller interfaces anyway but would be nice to have the option.

    • em

      I have an Apogee One and an iPad 3 – works perfectly. Only thing I need to add is a powered USB hub.

  • hza h

    I love the idea of these apps getting a touch more powerful, but i’m not sure I’m ready to see these things on a full stage for a show. I actually love this app, as my friend owns a bar and from time to time I load up the iPad and go play an effortless night of music but with cool effects and real mixing.
    I can’t imagine Djay app as a full gig device. Clams Casino was using it and got panned for his show set.

    • Ryan Dean

      Can you explain that stance? Data is data…why does it matter where it comes from? If the audience requires professional looking equipment to fully enjoy themselves isn’t that due their own lack of understanding? Should we cater to these misperceptions?

  • Morgan Nichol ♡

    $1.29 for iPhone version, but $24.99 for iPad version. I’m sure it’s good, but why such a huge difference when they just needed to lay the same app out slightly differently?