Worsened by the iPhone 5 launch, I realize we’ve had an enormous run of all-Apple stories on the site recently. So, in the interest of keeping platform fights to a minimum, I think it’s only fair to give some space to the other creative platform, beginning with the letter A.

Amiga. What else? (Oh, and Atari, I’ll get to you soon.)

One floppy disk. One incredibly efficiently-coded demo. Result: it’s the 90s all over again.

Thanks, Rutger. (Muller, not Hauer; the Dutch artist makes some great retro-tilted music of his own.)

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

  • http://www.jhhl.net/ Henry Lowengard

    Only Amiga makes it possible.

  • http://utzig.net/ Fabio Utzig

    In fact it was just one DD floppy disk, which had 880KB on the Amiga (720KB on the PC)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/PowellyM Mark Powell

    Most excellent. Probably ought to include a warning what with the strobing gfx toward the end though – epileptic attack waiting to happen for anyone who’s prone.

  • comankha

    Yeah, efficient in terms of vector animation packing. More like precedessor of flash, than real effect coding… so pls quit bragging and search for REAL demos.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      This demo was significant largely because of its original popularity. This was hardly an attempt to write a history of demos – hence “interlude.” Don’t worry about it.

  • Old old man

    This demo is why I make music today!

  • Dan S

    I remember getting this demo on a floppy in a jiffy from 17bit Software.
    The amount the demo crews squeezed out of that machine was incredible.
    I stopped turning up to school after I got Protracker.

  • ldb

    I paid somewhere around $2500 for an Amiga 1000 when my //e got stolen. It’s a damn shame Commodore were idiots, it was probably a decade before I had a PC that could perform as well as that machine did.

  • W K

    Did my critique/comment/compliment get moderated out of existence? Lame. I’m not, like, a troll or whatever. Good day.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Which comment? No, I don’t think it did.

  • http://Www.retroasylum.com Wilsh

    Often the defacto demo that non-demo heads turn to, and for good reason. This turned heads.

    Having pretended as a musician (and swapper!) in the Amga demoscene mid 90s and saw many fine demos, many better than this, this does still bring a smile.

    Putting it on Amigas in my local John Lewis was always good fun.