Rusty’s Revenge from magicpockets on Vimeo.

Music making, like a finely-tuned kitchen workstation arranged by a master chef, might come down to a few, carefully-selected tools, sharpened to make quick work in minimum…

Oh, shove it. Let’s watch live music made with so much gear it looks like one act stole everyone else’s flight cases and decided to have a go of combining all of it.

Leaf, the artist himself, puts it succinctly:
“The videos are basically me with as many different bits of kit that i could lay my hands on creating some tortuous noise. I hope you enjoy.”

Create Tortuous Noise. Hmmm… I like the sound of that, perhaps better than the actual site title.

Amidst all that gear, though – however he may describe his performances through self-deprecatory wit – the live sets are I think quite wonderful. I look forward to watching as this evolves.

One more video:

Raindance from magicpockets on Vimeo.

You can catch more videos and explanation on his Vimeo channel:

And follow the blog:

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  • ja

    that was awful, just awful.. in every way too, all that gear and nothing, casio preset song quality.. jesus christ someone make him sell that stuff..

  • Joey Dendron

    This would have blown people’s minds at Glastonbury festival 1995.

    • Magic Pockets

      yes it would have, but it will also blown the minds of Glastonbury festival 2013. i have been to every Glastonbury festival since 1987 and i am glad we are agreed on this point.

  • A

    What’s the mixer(?) with the x/y pad? I can and do deal with that much gear 😉 ,but I couldn’t deal with that many MIDI controllers personally.

    • Magic Pockets

      Mixer is a Korg Zero 8. i don’t think they make them anymore they where plagued with a few problems. your right about the number of midi controllers it causes a bit of a pain to get them all working in unison.

    • A

      Ahh too bad there don’t seem to be (m)any good affordable mixers well suited for live use and with MIDI.

      You might wanna try mapping all of that to Zebra2. It’s not my favorite synth, but it’s super flexible and has more open MIDI mapping abilties than most. Developers wicked friendly too. Throw in a looper and some time and I have no doubt you could get something cool going on.

  • PaulDavisTheFirst

    no choice but to bring back the dub selector (pretty sure i got this URL from CDM). you can have 80-90% as much fun as mr. pockets with just a flash plugin and a mouse …

    unless you define “fun” as “friends who keep coming over with gear envy” :)

    • Magic Pockets

      it was quite fun…

  • oldnatter

    hmm, is he that rusty from the uk dubstep hype- time?! cant be.

    oh, his name is “rusty’s revenge”. okay. that explains it. nice live set.

    • Magic Pockets

      The name of the project is Magic Pockets the song is called Rusty’s Revenge

  • düdel

    oh man .. what a load of garbage

  • Beauty Pill

    This is inspiring for anyone who has limited means. I mean, listen to it with your eyes closed. Is this good music? Is it interesting or moving at a musical level? Could you do better with less expense? Yes, you could. Now go do it. That’s the way to see this. All you need is a good idea, a real feeling, and rapport with your instrument. You don’t need to spend gobs of money.

    • Magic Pockets

      i agree with the fact that you can make brilliant music from the use of small amounts of equipment. this was not however the focus of this project. this is work towards a final project for my masters and the premises is looking at getting electronic music out of the box and is an analysis of the different controllers available for achieving this. my regular live set is not quite so excessive, and this is simply an exercise at experimenting with the different pieces of equipment in conjunction to each other.

      i think i will use you review
      “I mean, listen to it with your eyes closed. Is this good music? Is it interesting or moving at a musical level?”
      on any promotional material i make for this project

  • gLOW-x

    Killing a fly with a rocket launcher.

    • Magic Pockets

      no flies were harmed in the making of this film

  • Patrick Ijsselstein

    that’s a very nice collection of gear, but people can’t buy skills

  • Guest

    “But, obviously, it’s missing all of it’s wobble.” Love it.

  • rgb

    How about more music with less gear? Try this one.