Wouldn’t it be great to capture audio on the Mac as easily as you can take a screenshot?

We covered the brilliance of WavTap last month. Now, we like living on the bleeding edge, but some of you, uh, weren’t thrilled by things like having to compile the software from source.

Well, the creator of WavTap, Patrick Ellis, has been hard at work. The tool now has a friendly installer, the ability to save the last twenty seconds (so you don’t miss anything when you turn it on), an animated icon, and lots of reliability improvements. It also happily coexists with SoundFlower if you use that tool for inter-app audio routing. (WavTap was itself based on SoundFlower.)

Download and install:

And let us know how you use this. I may even use it as a quick way to grab sounds as I’m patching in Pd.

  • http://dinside.no Øivind Idsø

    What format are the recordings? AIFF or Wav, perhaps?

    • http://dinside.no Øivind Idsø

      Ok, just installed it. Doesn’t work, it seems (OS X 10.8.2). It says it is recording, but I can’t find a newly recorded file anywhere on my disk. There is no file dialogue when the recording ends, so I assume it auto records to … somewhere on my disk?

  • jkbkb

    doesn’t work. can’t hear anything with wavtap enabled. recordings sent to desktop are silent.
    osx 10.8.2

    a little info?

    • lew

      Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output and click Headphones or whatever is plugged into your output port.

  • jkbkb

    was messing with audio settings and relaunching wavtap. now it works. but its weird, the same settings weren’t working earlier.

  • jkbkb

    even after getting it to work, seems like the recordings have a lot of skipping and artifacts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nan-Creationss/100002223305645 Nan Creationss

    Why not just use audiohijack? http://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/

    • AK

      Because WavTap is free and does exactly the same thing – faster, smoother and you can say better. Open source too.

  • Jmob

    I’ll be sticking with audiohijack. This software is clearly not ready for primetime.

  • KS


    Does not work here either…..it even produces a loud squealching sound….not needed thank you. Does anyone know how to remove this. Odd that there wouldn’t be a uninstall for this.


    Krzysztof Szychowski

  • ralf

    it works like a charm here on 10.7.5 and gives me a wav file on the desktop.
    this is perfect for cutting samples from pd experiments. great job!

  • http://twitter.com/iOSMusician iOS Musician Blog

    That is freakin’ brilliant.

  • comankha

    This news sounds very win2000 like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anybigidea Marco Rossi

    here it works nicely. OSX 10.6.8. fot those who get silent wav files try to quit and relaunch it, it should work. anyway, good work! but it would be better if there was a little settings panel to choose the output result (name, place, format). thanks!

  • Jurgen

    Honestly I don’t quite understand the excitement, I (and many other people) have been recording the same anything since many many years for free on the Mac. All it takes is the free Sunflower and the equally free Audacity. Then set OS audio out to Soundflower and Audacity’s in to Soundflower as well. Klck “record” and whatever sound is currently on your Mac is recorded. I really find that completely uncomplicated.
    For more flexible solutions one may use Jack OS X with the same good result, with the advantage of creating specific routings to Pd or whatever you want to do.

  • http://twitter.com/LatestArtists Andrew+Deb O’Malley

    Will give this a try — I was unhappy w/ the one I installed after your previous coverage, I found it made my system audio stuttery . . .

  • ralf

    the difference is that it’s fast and super easy. and sometimes that makes a huge difference. you don’t have to start up two other applications and wire them up and work your way through some menu. when you use something like pd or csound that doesn’t really preset and that can crash anytime, and you weren’t seriously working on stuff, just fooling around, and suddenly you stumble upon something that sounds awesome… you can just hit the key command. if you wouldn’t have had the option you wouldn’t have bothered setting something up for recording. but sometimes those are the greatest sounds.
    i think this can make audio experimenting a lot more fun, spontaneous and productive.

  • umma08

    hi, can someone please tell me how to uninstall this completely from my MAC. it does not work that well for me, but i am left with traces of the program (most notably in audio midi setup and also in audio preferences for Logic and Ableton. Thankyou .

  • Lo

    Hi all, like many others I installed it but wasn’t very impressed… I’m having a hard time to uninstall it… any idea??? Thanks.

  • theviirus

    Can anyone confirm if they have addressed or fixed the “OS won’t boot” error from last time? (had to boot into safemode to uninstall it)

  • nadra

    Trashed Wavtap.app but it’s still listed in System Preferences > Sound. Does anybody have any idea how do I remove it?

  • DiMaggio

    Peter, I wish you would publish a method of uninstalling this software. Check your comments. I tried finding contact details for the guy who made this app, but no luck. And the best I could surface regarding uninstalling was a suggestion on the apps webpage to just ‘make uninstall’ from ‘the cloned repo’. come again ?

    this thing didn’t work for me at all, like some of those commenting below. And suddenly Audiomulch is crashing after launching due to an audio output error. Wavtap is my prime suspect. Please get in touch with the guy who made this app that you promoted, and have him give you plain uninstall instructions and amend your article to include them.

    On behalf of everyone desperate to uninstall this app – Thanks in advance.

  • box

    Great idea, not the best execution. Does not work on new powerbook.

  • box

    Like many others, it would be nice to learn how to uninstall.

  • tom

    Would be great if this could also record microphone sound

  • lloyd

    so has anyone worked out how to uninstall this yet?

  • John Redcunn

    I was in seventh heaven when I found your app and have installed it on every Mac of mine and friends who wish. It is so simple and when not in use I just unload it from memory. I have 3 other sound apparati functioning just fine with a newer iMac 3.06 1 FireWire, 1 USB and 1 digital.

    WHAT I HOPE AND DREAM OF:: a wavtap equivalent for IOS that doesn’t require jailbreak!
    Oh please!

  • abi

    How do I remove wavtap from Preferences sound devices

  • abi

    How do I remove wavtap from Preferences sound devices, very annoying. The app doesn’t work for me osx 10.8.5, I have removed app, but still in prefs tried various terminal tricks.

  • BP

    App doesn’t save recordings. Disappointing.

  • dworfy

    My mac is been a wreck after I accidentally installed a program that used wavtap.. Now I have to reinstall my whole computer, just because of this bad shit.