Increasingly, the phone is the go-to device for recording, whether it’s journalists making interviews or bands grabbing a rehearsal or gig, or producers sampling interesting sounds on the run.

SoundCloud’s app had always been reasonably cool for uploading directly to the Web sharing service, but an update finally adds the features you need for serious dedicated use:

  • Pause and resume, ideal for long recordings (and I’ve noticed sorely missing or restricted in some mobile apps).
  • Trim, which interestingly works whenever audio is paused – not as a separate workflow.
  • Android: Fade in/fade out filter.
  • iOS: “Private listening,” which adjusts the volume down and routes to the phone speaker so you can listen by holding up to your ear as you would with a call – no headphones needed.

SoundCloud isn’t the only app out there, but I suspect the trim and pause/resume features could convince people who were using a separate recording app, then uploading to SoundCloud.

Record, Edit, and Publish Your Sounds On-the-Go [SoundCloud blog]

  • Slither74
  • aje

    Very cool – will download this to my phone right away :)
    Thanks for the info Peter :-)

  • salatspinatra

    This is great. Believe me, I’ve scoured the iPad collection for audio editors, paid and free, and nothing justifies the crashes, the hidden cost from add-ons, the bad use of the screen, that the competition shares to replace this soundcloud app