As various readers have pointed out to CDM, a video entitled “Live 9 Device Master” has leaked online. (One user posted screen grabs while it was up, embedded above.) It seems fairly obvious what this video implies. Ahem.

Oddly, whereas these kind of leaks often come from distributors or other third parties, it appears in this case Ableton accidentally made the video public themselves on their own official channel. (Whoops.) I think you can do the math here. Ableton has said officially for some time that, following an effort to focus on stability in Live 8, they were working on a new version. (Seriously, for anyone who thought they were getting bought by Apple, or giving up music software development to open a line of juice bars or something, uh … no. Come on, Apple, really? You know Apple already bought one German company founded by a guy named Gerhard; Cupertino isn’t big enough for both of them.) [Ed.: Sorry, I confused some people. Yes, people did actually come up with strange rumors that there was no Live 9 or Ableton was being sold, even to Apple. Really. I don’t know why people believe baseless, illogical rumors, but some do.]

While the leak is a surprise, the revelation that there’s a Live 9 shouldn’t be. Those of us who follow the sequence of numerals in the Arabic system know that “9” does indeed follow “8.” Apple is the company that sometimes breaks with those numbers and starts using Roman Numerals. Well, unless Ableton wants to use Babylonian numbers.

The video does show some very promising enhancements to the browser, devices, and specific processors (namely, compression). But, since this isn’t official information, I prefer to wait until we can share complete details, and fact-check those details with Ableton to make sure our information is precise and accurate. And you know we’ll do that.

Of course, a deluge of interest here does reveal that Live’s users remain eager for news of a software update. And I don’t think Ableton can complain about that.

Credit for getting the scoop here appears to belong to Vladimir Bandesnaci’s blog:
Ableton Live 9 Leaked

Mmmm… one Monolatte, one Ableton Juice please.

  • George Germanos

    Aren’t there a bunch of promised features still missing from Ableton 8? How about that feature that was supposed to allow us to collaborate on sets via the internet or something of the like?

    • Peter Kirn

      I don’t know if that counts as “a bunch,” but yes, as far as I know Share collaboration was quietly killed. Look, sometimes I think it’s better to kill a feature than ship something that turns out not to work. (Apple’s recently-killed Ping is a good example – it’s a shame they shipped it at all, I think, just was a dud for them.)

      Share was announced at the same time as Live 8, but I don’t know of other promised features not included. I wouldn’t worry about it. I think for collaboration purposes, we have other tools that do a better job.

    • George Germanos

      Yes you’re absolutely right, one is far from a bunch. And I agree that shipping something that isn’t ready wouldn’t be a good idea. But personally, I upgraded to Live 8 as soon as it was announced in large part due to the excitement of that feature. It’s been years since it was announced and if I said I’ve been waiting for it along I’d be lying, but after shelling out hundreds of dollars for software, I feel like I’ve been shorted. I’d still like integrated collaboration. That would be super awesome. I’m curious, what other tools are you referring to?

    • John-Paul McCarthy

      Gobbler is a decent way of sharing Live 8 sets with collaborators.

    • Jack Menhorn might be one of the tools Peter is referring to.

    • Aaron Zilch

      Dropbox in conjunction with Abletons “Collect all and Save” Project feature works really well. Actually so well that Dropbox was specifically cited as one of the reasons they decided to stop development on Share.

  • jean-louis

    No, the Ableton bar only sells Monolake, no Monolatte 😉

  • 2Beeps

    I really want them to fix the automation delay compensation. Jeez that would just make my day.

  • Jack Menhorn

    Hooray for more grey!

  • Dominick
  • lurkalike

    I just hope that we’ll be able to view session and arrange view at the same time.
    Also, real mono tracks would be nice.

    • drhiggens

      I agree 100% with this, as part of mixdowns normally start by mono’ing out tracks were you can it would be great if they added this. I would even be ok with just some sort of visual cue that is mono (no line splitting the meter) but having to go trough each ch to see if I put a utility on it can be frustrating and just a waste of time.

  • griotspeak

    I quietly await an update to Max for live. Please let them update Max for Live WITH Live and not after, since it seems like Live 9 is near complete.

  • GB

    This looks promising, I can’t wait for more leaks!

  • Suzy Condra

    so effing coolllll

  • datalus

    A glue compressor? I wonder if its the same sort of idea as

    I’m going to say yes :)

    • GB

      it is exactly that, in the video they say “developed with Cytomic”, they adapted it for Live.

  • MG

    Sorry I just have to ask, anybody know what that cool looking desk is he’s sitting at on picture #4?

  • david

    Preset/device browser still looks like vintage 2001. I was hoping for rating, tagging and favorites, doesn’t look like it though.

  • Seppe

    +1 for accurate automation timing. This is a bug in the current version and I really hope they were able to fix it…

  • tony

    I want it now I want live 9 to improve in mastering my tunes which this shows a very promising mastering native devices here. EQ8 the new re-amp compressor and now Glue.

  • Just some guy

    Hopefully Live 9 will be more than just some additional plugins…

  • Nicolás
  • Nicolás
  • in8ka

    pretty excited about the spectrum display in eq8. that’s been a pretty big need for a long time.

    • Emu

      One step closer to Voxengo’s GlissEQ, but still several behind. As a side note does anyone else know of other cross-channel spectrum analyzers?

    • boxy

      Izotope makes a pretty damn good one.

  • heinrich zwahlen

    what enhancement exactly were made to the browser ? i’m loving those device updates though.

  • mrbiggs

    I don’t understand much of this post, Peter. 9 not following 8? Bought by Apple? Stopping software production? What? Were these actual rumors or are you making things up? Is it not normally accepted that after a company releases, for example, v8 they then work on v9? I understand Apple makes up numbers like “X” and says things like “not a new version but a new application.”

    Maybe I was sleeping…

    • Peter Kirn

      I’m sorry, maybe I was being overly sarcastic / snarky.

      There have been absurd rumors going around, yes. These include:
      1. Apple bought Ableton
      2. Bitwig is all part of a conspiracy by Ableton to test Live 9
      3. Ableton isn’t working on Live 9 / there won’t be a Live 9 (and various variations)
      …and so on.

      Some people were actually surprised that this video revealed Live 9.

      I found it unbelievable that anyone would believe any of the above.

      Anyway, none of it is true, and there really is a Live 9. I was getting perhaps overly ironic partly because I’m waiting until we can talk about actual details. And it was 2a on a weekend in Berlin. Stay tuned for an actual article on Live 9, when that can happen. You know me – when things are public, I’m ready to talk in actual details. 😉

    • griotspeak

      I still think number 2 is not so far fetched. In part because of its genesis and in part because it looks SO SO similar to Live that I can think of no other reason for Ableton not to at least try to stop them via legal means. (I am not so much speaking to the merit of trying to stop them as I am saying that I would ‘get it’ if Ableton tried.)

  • itchy

    good to hear some possible news from ableton , its been a while. i really hope clip editing is a no brainer for them. and also a time display

  • Robbe L

    I hope Ableton 9 will update its arrangement workflow. Right now it’s not up to speed with other DAW’s in my humble opinion. Perhaps editing audio inside a clip would be really helpful ltoo!


    Haha, if Apple took over Ableton, would the next version be Ableton Live Roaring Panther?

  • Brett Handersohn

    The new EQ looks great. Though I think the EQ on the Reason mixer actually makes me listen MORE to how it sounds.. This looks like we could have the best of both worlds. Like the comp also… love that FabFilter-esque visual representation…

  • eptheca

    Apple didn’t buy Ableton, but because Live uses rounded corners in their GUI, they threatened to sue them if they didn’t hand the company over :)
    Anyone that tries to patent a geometric shape in 2012 is a ponz to me!

  • Tonable