“I don’t always make music by the pool, but when I do, I use Roland.” Like a boss: Giorgio Moroder.

He’s been called the father of disco. He has Oscars for Top Gun, Flashdance, and Midnight Express. (Impressive with or without Oscars.) And he scored the epic of 80s youth childhood, The Never-Ending Story – and the original Battlestar Galactica. He’s worked with Bowie, and Freddy Mercury, and Blondie. He’s a pioneer in composing for electronic music, but he’s also earned honors for automotive engineering, with a hand in developing his own 16-cylinder sports car. Even the man’s mustache is legendary.

Giorgio Moroder is obviously a very smart man. And so he’s smart enough to use SoundCloud to earn yet more fans, to circumvent the tangles of obscurity and get rarities and remixes out into the world. Okay, it’s not quite on the level of squeezing out new levels of Italian automobile performance, but smart people are smart enough to do the obvious, too.

Let’s give the goodness a listen, shall we? Streaming only, but – okay, Mr. Moroder, let’s see your move for physical and download distribution next. And hirsute facial hair care. Because, I’m not joking: you’re one of our heroes.


Like Giorgio on Facebook to enjoy more from this artist – like some of the images I just can’t resist featuring here.

He has his own car. And apparently, two chefs to go with it. Yes, he’s Italian.

Cooler than Superman.

Cooler than, groovier than, and 100% more alive than Einstein.



  • trafficarte

    The Most Interesting Electronic Man in the World?

    It’s a joke? I know he has been a (pseudo) pioneer in Disco, IMHO a pioneer’s manager with a selected team of smart programmers and performers, but please but please take a break and listen to his music so dated and corny…

    • Deed

      Moroder ? Dated ? Did you live in a cavern for the past 15 years ?

    • foljs

      Pseuro pioneer in Disco? LOL… Ever heard 80’s pop music?

  • audiohufter

    I have to agree with trafficarte, if you look a bit further than main stream pophistory you will find names like Conrad Schnitzler, Asmus Tietchens, Sky Records, (dont forget to check the release dates!)
    Start from those names and check out the ascociated artists, might take you for a ride…

    • foljs

      What the hell do Conrad Schnitzler or Asmus Tietchens have to do with this?

      They were electronic pioneers alright, but not in the field (pop) and the kind of sonics that Moroder worked.

      If you stray that much from the topic under discussion, you might as well bring in anybody, from Stockhausen to the Silver Apples…

    • audiohufter

      100 procent on topic: I named (some) of the ‘most interesting electronic men in the world’

      But Conrad (r.i.p.) made lots of pop and even was in the charts, one listen to ‘Silver’ album and you’llknow what I am talking about…

    • foljs

      Off topic again, sorry.

      The “most interesting (electronic) man on the world” alluded to the “Most interesting man on the world” campaign and meme.


      Which Moroder fits, with his seventies mustache, the womanizing, the fast cars, top ten hits and serious money.

      Conrand does not. And one would hardly call his music “pop”.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Heh, I think you may have taken this article far more seriously than it was intended. Of course there are other electronic composers worth mentioning; that’s why any superlative I would use would be tongue in cheek. Moroder is still a significant composer with a big impact on a number of musical genres, however.

    • audiohufter

      I was not aware of the internet meme, hell I dont even know who ‘meme’ is…
      Over to listen to some Moroder music…

    • audiohufter

      the ‘topic under discussion’ being: ‘The Most Interesting Electronic Man in the World’ I think my reaktion was totally in place…
      B.t.w. Conrad (r.i.p.) made lots of pop (like the Silver e.p.), and even was in the charts.

  • Eric

    Moroder rules. Take another listen, most of his (solo) stuff is weird as hell. Truly, deeply, weird.

  • eric_b

    Unsung hero Patrick Cowley every time…http://youtu.be/lpFQpfryo5I

  • xanax

    top legend and major EDM pioneer… still relevant he’ll even be rapping on Daft Punks next album: http://pitchfork.com/news/46650-giorgio-moroder-recorded-with-daft-punk-for-new-lp/

  • aaron

    Need further prood of the man’s inspiration?OrGaN.MoRoDeR

  • Nitram

    Sorry, But ….I found ALL of those supposed Moroder uploads elsewhere on the internet. I really don’t think Mr. Moroder is doing it…There are 3 tracks from a ‘sound test’ CD that Giorgio wrote & produced. Upload that! Mr. Moroder