So, we can’t talk more about Ableton Live 9 at the moment, and it seems Ableton has worked out how to use their YouTube settings. But at least one intrepid Live fan has shared the identity of the beautiful mixing desk you saw in the leaked Live 9 video from the weekend. This mixer also involves the number nine, though in enough digits that you may need to save up before you redo your studio.



The LiLo is a high-definition desktop analog line mixer for routing and blending your external gear. Short for Line-in/Line-out, the LiLo was designed as a “quiet-transparent” platform that allows you to build a mixing system using the gear you already own.

The LiLo is the work of Vince Poulos, the designer and owner of Speck Electronics.

After all, who would want to mix in a piece of music software, let alone something like Ableton Live? Analog is the only way to go, really.

Joke. that’s a joke. I’m sticking to Live while I wait to get lucky enough to use this desk. It sure is pretty.

  • Ton

    oh, we can practice already: it looks exactly the same es the versions before! wtf?

    • Puffer @ digitallofi

      Good idea:
      If this doesn’t have Delay Compensation I’m gonna switch to Allen and Heath!!

  • Edison D

    did i catch a niner in there?

    • Chris Sparks

      Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?

  • TJ Pallas

    HEY KIDS! Peter was only kind of joking up there – if your mix sounds shitty and you can’t figure out anything you can do to fix it, a multichannel soundcard and a Behringer mixer with the same number of inputs as you have outputs might be the way to go! If you’re diligent you can add analog summing goodness to your setup for less than the cost of your summer concert season. Old MOTU and Apogee kit would be a good starting place for a soundcard, and as far as I’ve observed every CL is full of mixers.

  • TJ Pallas

    For almost $10k it should come with, like, one mic pre so I can plug in a 58 and talk to an artist or something…

  • J.D

    I’ve used Speck boards before, they are built like tanks, thick sheets of steel and military grade components. Sound quality is superb, and if you have the $ “like apparently Ableton does” I don’t understand the hate on things like this…

  • Irl Sanders IV

    My Speck Ultramix has been a crucial tool for the last 15 years. Serious hardware. So much goodness packed into a few rack spaces.