Jeez. Maybe you should just pick up a Monomachine from Craigslist, because it seems like life with the Analog Four might be a bit … uh … apocalyptic.

Other thoughts:

1. Winter in Sweden: it’s dark. Not a lot of sunlight. Your synth teasers can start to get a bit … odd.
2. First Aid kits. Keep them around the house. (Alternatively, speaking of Sweden, keep First Aid Kit around to sing you something cheery.)
3. “ATTENTION!!! POLICE ARE WATCHING! IS THERE A VIRUS? IS THIS THE SOURCE? 3 BILLION DIE?” Sorry… I may have just confused Elektron’s analog synth teaser with 12 Monkeys. Believe me – it’s tough to keep the two straight.
4. No. There is not an analog synthesizer buried in your yard. Put the shovel down.
5. I’m not caving into manufacturers using teaser campaigns to get bloggers to write about thei— AUGH. Darnit…

Really, it’s the strangest thing I’ve seen since Ableton released that video of someone being bludgeoned over the head with Push. Wait… possible that was just a dream.

Previously: some revelation about this being about a 4-voice analog synth with CV, and me trying to talk about music and these machines before Hector shows up and makes everything go all pear-shaped.

See also: the last episode of the Adventures of Hector, for the Octatrack.

  • Tony Scharf

    The greater the hype the bigger the let down. My hype-o-meter is off the charts here.

  • Mark Durham

    Reminds me of Dr Bloodmoney by P.K Dick…

  • Easton West

    Seriously though just pick up a monomachine on craigslist… especially if you live in Berlin.

  • Andrew Hicox

    that is the most WTF’ey thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Graham Metcalfe

    Taking the “warmth” out of analog. Jeeze.

  • MMI (Georg Nikodym)

    Wow, that is really laugh out loud absurd.

  • julienbayle

    whatever the teaser, the light, the hype, the groove, the whatever, I’m curious.
    I’m using Monomachine & Machinedrum since 2 months now, being a huge Live user on the side. I just MISS long evolving soundscapes design and I don’t want to use octatrack for this !! (that would mean I’m making soundscapes with … let’s say: Absynth :))
    cannot wait to hear more :)

  • Chad

    Who needs sunlight when you have the sweet warm glow of Elektron sequencer LEDs!

  • mrbiggs

    The payoff wasn’t worth the effort. I was all excited for about four minutes. (And frankly, I’m not sure if a four-voice VA synth is all that exciting either.)

    • moonmotel

      its not a va

    • mrbiggs

      Yeah I realize that now. But it still is less than exciting at this point…

  • Maurice Rickard

    If they’re trying to say it’ll give us a talking wound in the arm, I’ll pass.

  • Henry Heitmann

    Well, they already did something similar back in 2010 for the Octatrack:
    So why wonder about the style of this one? That’s Swedish humour – apparently…

  • Mr President

    Not everybody is a fluo-hipster… deal with it, Peter :)

    • Mrs. President

      Yeah, I find this *alot* less depressing than the usual brainless brand of happy happy joy joy american commercialism. Maybe a little bit of self reflection and learning from the mistakes of old europe wouldn’t go astray on a country that gave itself the option to elect a socio-path last week…

    • Peter Kirn

      Nothing says Old Europe like an apocalyptic synth teaser video. Damned Americans with their… wait, what are we talking about again?

      Model for my next synth teaser:


    • Mr President

      It’s incredible how you Peter are mocking serious company as Elektron and overhype toy makers like Teenage Engineering

    • Peter Kirn

      They’re having fun with this video, obviously, so I’m having fun with the video. You’re taking this way too seriously.

    • gwenhwyfaer

      Seriously? Possibly the two most similarly characterful companies in the synth world – to the point where the only other company you might expect to have produced the OP-1 *is* Elektron – not to mention Teenage’s ancestral connections, and you’re trying to set them up as opposing poles in a spectrum of seriousness? Do you work for Elektron or something?

  • Göran Sandström

    I find this marketing stuff completely appaling. Spend the money making a better product instead! If you’re making a product that’s true quality then you won’t have any need for marketing.

  • Rob Dekoch

    I really don’t respond to this marketing. I want to see the interface and hear audio samples. I want to know what this thing can do and why I should buy it. I hate all this apocalyptic crap and Hector. As presented here, it doesn’t look like a very interesting synth although I might change my mind if I have a chance to see what it can do.

  • César Hernando Pantoja

    I thought it was cool :-p

  • Radiophobic

    I love elektron’s marketing. Their gear is awesome at what it does, they don’t need videos to show that off (or get people excited about them for that matter). These trailers seem to be more of a pisstake at marketing hype than anything else.

    • pulsn

      i fully agree but also they fuel the hype around their brand. This video is definately also targeted very much towards Japan. They love that grimey dark stuff.

  • Rupert Lally

    Very strange – though I do think you should definitely mention the “‘Push’Bludgeoning” idea to Dennis DeSantis, Ableton could have a real “winner” on their hands with a campaign like that! 😉

  • a

    Great silly fun. A lot of it was an homage or allusion to movies with cool analog synth soundtracks.

    • Peter Kirn

      Yeah, I enjoyed it. Care to spot the films? 😉

    • a

      apocalypse now is the most obvious. These are subjective I guess, but Terminator, escape from new york..I’m sure there’s more.

    • a

      I guess this also uses the same ts elliot quote: I dunno if the movie has as cool sounds as the trailer though! :)

    • Birds Use Stars

      I don’t know about the soundtrack, but I pretty much interpreted the talking arm wound as a Naked Lunch reference.

  • a

    Also I hate the trend for demos and video tutorials and people that want “good demos”. There are no good demos. You learn an instrument by using it. Every second you spend watching a demo video is a minute you lose from learning to use it.

  • MisterPickle

    I’d say they have a pretty solid grasp of their target demographic.

  • Albert

    Wow, this Video is awesome!

  • waveplant

    I’m sort of surprised there are so many wtf comments here and on other blogs. I mean, most of us are here because we have a left-of-center approach to creativity, right? Is the content of this piece really more bizarre than anything else our community does on a regular basis? This short is great. Not that I didn’t skip to the end to see if there were any shots of the Synth Four, but I’m all for companies showing that they relate to their customers artistically as well as technically.

  • Josh Hinden

    Perhaps it’s a reference to Mr. Oizo’s Analog Worms Attack? :)

  • Thierry Marzan

    Up north in the cold country of neo sweden no sun is shining…