Matt “Moldy” Moldover helped champion the notion of controllerism, focusing live performance on manipulation of digital parameters. In his latest music video, he shows off his latest creations. What’s nice about what he’s doing currently is that he’s able to augment traditional live rigs with buttons and sensors. Having your controls clamped to a mic stand? Eminently practical for vocalists and instrumentalists. The guitar gets the full sensor treatment, too. Moldover explains to CDM:

Both the guitar and mic controllers are prototypes I made for my recently completed Super Villain Tour. The microphone attachment is called The Mojito. It’s simply eight arcade buttons built onto a steel clamp that I use to control vocal effects. The guitar is an instrument I’m developing with Visionary Instruments named The RoboCaster (after a well known cyborg/guitar). It’s got every sensor I thought might be cool to have on there including accelerometers, an infrared emitter-detector, and a keyboard mod-wheel. This video highlights how I’ve mapped arcade buttons and a joystick to different intervals on a pitch shifter. Both controllers are tons of fun to play and have forced me to seriously re-approach how I play and sing.

The software I’m using is is Live, Max4Live & [Native Instruments] Guitar Rig. The song Not Your Mirror is from my forthcoming album FourTrack (kickstarter coming soon!). Grady Shon produced the video with help from Ben Shim & KnockSteady crew.

I also enjoyed Moldover’s initial email with this tip. It read only, “I have sexy new controllers. I want you to watch my new video: I love you.”

I love you too, man!


  • dildo

    cool toys,awful music…

    • derperus


  • Blue Monster 65

    Looks like a young Jim Thirwell!

    I can see his setup being good for a “modern” singer-songwriter, though I’m not sure the controls on the mic stand would be anymore useful than having pedals/switches on the floor. Neat that he’s built his own and uses it well.

  • grindFish

    im sure its completely unfair that i say this, and i do love the devices he builds, but i’ve always gotten the feeling from moldover that hes a massive knob.

  • Mr President

    Music matters..

    • Mr President

      The Lyrics are hilarious.. I’m not your mirror (lol!)

      The controller interaction is interestingly useless, but is the best part of the video

  • TradeMark Gunderson

    Yay Moldover! No knob he… super sweet guy, and his devices are always fabulous. Been friends for years.

  • The Controllerist.

    This is such a bummer.

  • BIll HIlly

    Don’t think he’s a knob, and I give him serious credit for trying to do something new. However, I think that as confining as musical styles can be, they serve a purpose.
    Guitar goes best with live drums or just voices or just a bass. New Order/Joy Division Kraftwerk and others of that era were an exception in that they used live players on electronic equip, sometimes by necessity, and that works.

    Pure house/trance/techno electronic music also works doled out by a DJ, or electronic music artist. Music isn’t original just because of your setup, its original because of the music.
    I want this guy to get there, but I honestly think he’s got guitar chops enough to be in a band, although its easier to be a one-man-band, but there’s also a reason why that used to have a stigma – the stigma of CRAZY, which he’s too young to have.

    Anyway – keep perservering, but leave the poppy waltzes to a real drummer or just leave them out.