Combining even a couple of pieces of equipment can yield a kind of new, hybrid instrument. Our friend Chris Stack shares the latest in his fantastic series, that haven for exploring strange, new sounds, seeking out new life and new electronic civilizations.

Above: “Kevin Spears explores new soundscapes playing his kalimba through a Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator.”

Below, featuring Sally Sparks: “A quick look at the Haken Continuum and Kyma sound engine.”

Enjoy, and have a great weekend, y’all.

  • Anonymous

    These videos are wonderful!

  • Eric Sheffield

    Those are some pretty magical sounds coming out of a tiny wood box with a handful of metal tines screwed to it.

  • Chris Stack

    Kevin did something cool that I did not get a chance to film. Playing the kalimba through a Moog FreqBox (which was very cool by itself) I ran the Env Out CV from the FreqBox to the Filter CV In on the Moog Voyager. Set it to drone a very resonant patch and whenever Kevin hit a note on the kalimba, it would pop the Voyager filter proportional to the kalimba amplitude. Very similar to the technique in this video…

  • Joseph Malloch

    Here’s some related work: a video from 2008 of Brazilian percussionist Fernando Rocha playing the “Hyper-Kalimba”

  • vanceg

    That is some really lovely Kalimba work! It reminded me a little of some more nice Kalimba and electronics work by a group in the Pacific Northwest of the US….