Let’s enhance!

So, it seems a bit like Elektron might be working on a 4-voice analog synth. That is, especially since that’s what’s in the image found on the teaser site.

Wonder what we can learn from the other corners of the image.

I think the most interesting question here is whether Elektron does something clever with the sequencing portion – that is, obviously, another analog 4-voice synth isn’t news, but if it fits the Monomachine mold, it might be.

Thank you to Jakob Penca for tipping us off via Twitter, and to the Elektron Users forum. Sorry, I’m late to this party, as – speaking of choosing between hardware and (Ableton) software, we were deep in the Live 9 launch information in mid-October. Been a surprisingly big month for tech. Synthtopia notes CV I/O are visible in the earlier images, too, so in fact control voltage connectivity is a sure thing, continuing CV’s remarkable comeback.

Uh… but CDM is the first, I believe, to post the Enhance! video. Dear Elektron: want to go on a Lapland ski holiday together so we don’t have to meet at NAMM? (Boring!) We can invite Teenage Engineering and Sonic Charge.

Update: Sources tell DE:BUG that the image is correct, and that the product should arrive later this year. (Don’t know if that will be an announcement or actually shipping.) Article in German.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=765835808 Tony Scharf

    Damn. I was excited when I first saw this, but I need a 4 voice analog synth like I need a hole in my head. I was really hoping for a monomachine capable of polyphonic tracks. Ill skip this one, thank you.

    • Random Chance

      I could use a decent analog polysynth. Consequently I’m excited about what Elektron will come out with.

  • Jason Duerr

    Sounds much like a Quasimidi Polymorph.

  • Radiophobic

    You know. I would be surprised if it was a synthesizer. Elektron has a history of not carrying redundant products. A synth would be too close to the monomachine. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an analog multi-effect box like the biscuit.

    • http://twitter.com/VirtualFlannel ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ

      It says analog 4 voice synth on the back what more do you need lol!

  • Tim

    I am almost certainly going to buy this!

  • Tim

    Roland, Korg & Yamaha are starting to look very ‘stuck in the 90s’ these days

  • cockrotten

    this blog has gone from excellent to barely worth reading anymore. arse. I thought I had found the beacon too. please bring interesting posts back not just covering official releases with speculative extras. anyway I’m from Australia I’m going to go fuck a kangaroo and make music with a stick.

    • retroz

      You go do that. Please.

  • abudz

    everyone who says a four-voice analog synth is redundant for Elektron is an abosolute moron when it comes to the difference between analog & digital synths. A 4-voice analog Elektron-style synthesizer is going to be absolutely incredible. I’ve been waiting for Elektron to do this for years!!!