A wintry afternoon sometimes calls for putting the work on hold and spending some time jamming. So, this week (in approximate celebration of Sinterklaas), I headed around the corner to the offices of Koma Elektronik, the boutique all-analog gear producer. Here’s a few minutes of combining digital with analog, each with its own timbres and applications. In the digital corner: the iOS step sequencer Phaedra (watch for an update on that soon), and our open source MeeBlip SE synth. On the analog side: Koma’s BD101 delay/gate and FT201 filter/sequencer. In the digital world, we get the flexibility of MIDI sequencing and some crunchy sounds; in the analog domain, we have patchable CV routing and my personal favorite, the far-out delay effects on the BD101. (Check out about halfway through.)

Signal flow:
iPad running Phaedra; see our behind-the-scenes story
MeeBlip SE [Fall 2012 Limited Edition] (that’s mostly MeeBlip sound you hear initially)
Koma Elektronik FT-201
Koma Elektronik BD-101

It’s just a quick hands-on jam (thanks to Koma’s Wouter shooting on a borrowed Nokia), but represents some of the sonic range. And it’s nice to have these sorts of relationships with gear makers; talking to Koma (among many other hardware and software creators) is always a learning experience.

More images, just because:

  • audiohufter

    yeah that Koma unit is tasty, but out of my league. >iOS step sequencer Phaedra (watch for an update on that soon) what? all ears man, all ears,

    this sequencer needs an update so bad…one good update, and will be one of my favorite ipad apps. ever. I hope it does scale now :)

  • Brendan Clarke

    Koma’s got a very nifty idea of stepping through a sequence with an IR sensor – I’ll have to play around with that for a bit!

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Yeah, we didn’t have a CV/MIDI converter, or we could have done some sequencing together. Maybe a MeeBlip micro modded for analog input will have to be the next project!

  • KarlPopper

    I love hardware so much. Any possibility of a MeeFx or the like? Cheap and knobby is how I like it.

  • http://twitter.com/brenmcgilli Bren McGillicuddy

    Hi Peter, did they any idea of when the BD 101 would be back on sale?

  • Billy Kubina Jr

    the sounds @ 3:00 and on are WOW.