Audiobus is all about connecting apps, which requires apps with built-in support. So, one surprising and encouraging feature – Audiobus will make it easy to discover which apps are compatible. (See also: notifications, below.)

Use a great effect app to process another app. Record your favorite app in another tool. Make apps work together, and maximize the potential of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. At last, Audiobus promises the ability to take the constellation of apps appearing on Apple mobiles and use them together, easily. We’ve known why this was cool, and we knew it was coming – see our in-depth preview and explanation of workflow..

Now, we know when, and to which apps. Audiobus’ developers have revealed next Monday December 10 as the official launch date. Also, we’re seeing some new screens – prepared for CDM – that show that it’ll be really easy to discover which apps work, or even to sign up for notifications on when apps are available.

All you need to run Audiobus:

  • The US$9.99 Audiobus app. (Given the massive development effort behind this thing, that seems a good way to support the creators – and the app itself is rather beautiful.)
  • An iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later. (The new iPod touch, for instance, looks like a great handheld music machine for those who don’t want a phone contract.)
  • Compatible apps (a lot of your favorite apps will just add support in updates).

The heart of Audiobus: routing different apps allows you to combine sources, effects, and recording/hosts. All images courtesy Audiobus.

Audiobus has also revealed launch apps:

Funkbox (input slot)
JamUp (effects slot)
JamUp Pro (effects slot)
Loopy (input and output slot)
Loopy HD (input and output slot)
MultiTrack DAW (output slot)
NLog MIDI Synth (input, effects and output slot)
NLog Synth PRO(input, effects and output slot)
Rebirth for iPad (input slot)
SoundPrism Pro (input slot)
Sunrizer Synth for iPad (input slot)

Thumbjam and Drumjam are awaiting Apple App Review; Moog Animoog and Wavemachine Labs Auria support is coming, awaiting completed implementation.

Support is ramping up gradually. 700 people entered to become developers, but only 25 will get the SDK in the next round. (CDM will be looking at the SDK to give users and developers alike a preview.)

One reason: Audiobus’ creators want to make sure that these apps get feedback and that developers are approved by App Review. They say things will go public in the coming months.

More videos and details are coming from Audiobus – and hopefully from us here, too. In the meantime, here’s a look at the Audiobus app. See you next Monday.

Audiobus Launch on December 10th [Audiobus Tumblr]

Developers can notify you when apps become compatible – crucial given that Apple has to approve new apps, which Audiobus’ creators say is typically the longest delay, not development.

  • mcgini

    Yee-hee.Can’t wait!!

  • MrE23

    Moog Filtatron?

  • Laurence Willis

    This seems to work like Jack on Linux or Soundflower on OSX…actually this should probably replace Soundflower on OSX.

    • PaulDavisTheFirst

      JACK runs on OS X, Windows and Linux. It is much more capable than SoundFlower, but also a bit more complex. It is not yet clear how similar Audiobus is, though I know someone who knows :)

  • Dtw

    Is it just me or does it seem that audiobus has its inputs and outputs labeled backwards? How is loopy on an output connection?

  • Øivind Idsø

    Looks good, but supports way too few apps to be interesting right now. No love for Animoog, iMS-20, Samplr, Borderlands etc. – which seem to be the apps I use most.

    • Peter Kirn

      It’s not even out until the 10th. Patience! Animoog is specifically mentioned. And for some apps, the holdup is Apple – or the fact that Audiobus’ creators are intentionally trying to take it slow to work on quality.

  • Michael

    I am one of the 700 developers interested in Audiobus but which haven’t received the SDK yet.

    A few questions:

    – Is the SDK open source?

    – Will using the SDK require licensing from or payment(s) to the Audiobus folks?

    – Can an open source client of the SDK be made available?

    – Can a client of the SDK whether open source or not be integrated into an open source library (e.g. libpd,

    – Are there open source demos for using the SDK?

    For example, a simple open source app demonstrating how to use the Effects slot would be a great jumping-off point for a whole slew of Audiobus-compatible effects apps. I would write a dozen of them.

  • Freeks

    Wonder how much prosessing power this needs? I have iPad1 and hope it’s enough to run this with other apps in background. I would really not want invest to new iPad as the current one is still working just fine! But what can you do. No love from iPolysix for iPad1 :(

  • raptor0017

    Hi!. I’m not a musician but I spend some time improvising music with my IOS devices. It is amazing how powerful they are. I believe IOS music will become more and more common.

    Here is an example of what I do using my iPad:


  • Derek Buddemeyer