Korgs by candlelight…

If you’ve been up close and personal with an original Korg MS-20 (or own one yourself), this gallery may actually be redundant. But we have some stills from our upcoming video short on the MS-20 Mini to prove what Korg’s reissue of the 1978 original looks like. There is something unreal about seeing the same instrument, shrunken.

And yes, because it’s Berlin in winter, and we were in the basement of Mindpirates, we broke out some candles. It’s a great way to unwind on a January night. Stay tuned for our upcoming series, The Phantom of the Opera Gear Hour.

Thanks to Kevin Kline and Easton West on this one.

Click for larger versions of the synth pr0n.

See also my first impressions, and see what the 1978 manual (reprinted in the box) looks like:
Korg MS-20 Mini: Analog Classic Reissued, $599; First Hands-on Impressions, Sounds, 1978 Manual Pics

Our MS-20 Mini shipped straight from Japan, immaculately packaged.

Our MS-20 Mini shipped straight from Japan, immaculately packaged.








  • flock

    So exciting! :)

    How is the built quality and the keyboard? 600 Dollar seems a bargain for such a hugh analog synth.

    • Peter Kirn

      Feels solid. Metal case, plastic sides, and an unremarkable mini keybed action that’s nonetheless fun to play. More on that soon.

    • brett w

      It looks exactly like the same case as the MS-20 midi controller that used to come with the Legacy software.

    • Peter Kirn

      It’s not – bigger than that controller, and all around feels more solid.

  • redgreenblue

    Wow. I look forward to owning one of these. No news on shipping dates that I can see.

    • redgreenblue

      April, to answer my own question.

  • Blue Monster 65

    This may replace my old MS-10, left behind many years ago. My buddy still has his original MS-20, though. Would (will?) be fun to run them side-by-side!

  • MartinG

    This is like some kind of religious ritual… We worship the allmighty and now reborn MS-20. Many will soon join the cult. 😀

  • Brian Foster

    Mini keys? No G’s.

  • florian

    is it made in Japan ?

  • Gryffie

    For the sake of comparison, here’s a picture of the original MS-20. I don’t have photoshop on this computer so it’s not cropped very well, sorry.

  • GM

    Hey man, all respect for your art photograpy, but when a new synth comes out we want demos and a clear (brightly lit) look! Thanks!

    • Peter Kirn

      These are just some early video stills. More to come. One demo idea: go through some of the (better) patches from the ’78 presets. Open to other suggestions.

    • Aaron

      feedback and abuse of the ESP!

  • Igor Warzocha

    These are pretty big mini keys, aren’t they?

    • aaron

      yeah, practically fullsized. similar to a micro-x’s keys if you’ve ever used one (but deeper in length)

  • Rick L.

    This is incredible!
    The folks at Korg have just scored huge points for finally Getting It” so to speak.
    Yes, this is what we want companies….we want the whole retro experience right down to vintage manuals, accessories and packaging and above all tone! We want our own thrilling time capsule experience of what it was like to buy these classic units in their heyday.

    Having a software emulation of a classic vintage synth on your computer will never suffice the real physical experience and thrill of opening that new box and turning those knobs for the first time. Just looking at that Korg MS-20 Mini sitting on their tables makes synth players smile with pride and boil with inspiration.

  • adam cote’

    Candle Light? Is that for romantic emphasis? Hilarious. Was there soft music playing in the background as well?