New Year’s Resolution: hands off that mouse / trackpad. Let’s get more physical with our production.

If you’re not eager to wait for Ableton’s Push hardware, or you’re just a fan of traditional pads or a Maschine owner, combining Maschine with Live can be a great choice. Native Instruments quietly updated Maschine control integration with Ableton Live. It’s one Berlin-engineered tool meets another.

Of course, this arrived in the midst of the holiday rush, so we’ll turn to to give us a detailed walk-through, from installation and configuration to how the integration works when playing.

And the results look really nice. Push definitely does more, but the idea of being able to swap between Maschine as drum machine and Live control is quite handy. It also means if you’ve upgraded to the color Maschine and have two around, you can have one as a drum machine and the other as a Live controller.

I have a feeling 2013 is going to look like a colored light-up grid. Disco inferno!

Heh, and thank you, YouTube commenter, for “correcting” the person pronouncing the name of Maschine’s German name – in German.

  • JD

    Hopefully this will eventually work with Live 9

    • Billy Kubina Jr

      I feel like NI put this out as if to say, “hey folks, you might not need a Push if you have Maschine!”. makes sense.

    • JD

      Agree, still I think they will compliment each other.

    • Hyphonetics

      Yes, but I’ve been having problems getting the control script to work in Live 9, still working on fixing it but at the moment unless an update is released it does’t look promising

  • Cola verde

    looks like the seventies night clubs with colorful light pavements….

    I got music and lights, I make the dreams allright. And when you turn me on, you’ve got disco at home —Transvolta—disco computer–

  • Billy Kubina Jr

    A little tip for anyone using this script with the maschine Mikro:
    Since there isnt dual LCDs on the lil Mikro, you cant see the value changes on your value changes on the maschine, but if you look at the Ableton window at the bottom (highlighted in yellow) is the value changes written out as you change things from the maschine scroll wheel. For instance, when you change “Scale” or “Base”, it will tell you what the new scale or base note is.

    • Hyphonetics

      While this is true the Mikro control is vastly different from Maschine besides the pads, Maschine has 8 more knobs so there is a lot more you can do with Maschine in Live

  • Marc

    Maschine is way too complicated. It’s no fun.
    This template, they try to make it look simple, but it isn’t. It’s tedious.

    • Ken Flux Pierce

      you think maschine is complicated?? how so… my issue is that its to basic at this point (which is great for intuitiveness but feature wise it needs to become far more indepth)

    • Marc

      My view is totally opposite. I cant say it’s intuitive. It’s complicated to sample sounds. There are weird button shortcuts you have to look up in readme files. It’s not really well integrated with DAW to a point that I may as well use outboard gear. I find myself prefering the simple but intuitive Ableton Live drum racks. Looking forward to the Ableton controller…

    • Fábio Cavalcante

      And i discovered that with goodwill and desire, “limitations” and “complications” (remembering Csound…) are just excuses to play and produce even more.

  • HeinrichZ

    Great tutorial..saw that in DeBug as well. The ultimate break down of all features..

  • comurit

    change this, change that, solo the track then adjust the filter.
    In the meantime the audience is launching rotten tomatoes at you.
    Wake up guys!!!! Come on!!!

  • dazey7

    great video thanks for that! I’m using maschine mikro and can’t seem to scroll down through my scenes, only left and fight. Does anybody know how to do this??