Ableton has just launched their new site with Live 9 available for purchase and download, and the new Push hardware available for preorder. If you’re an existing Live user logged into your user account, you’ll see upgrade options for the software. Push can be preordered direct online, and Ableton has for the first time announced shipping information, listed as “2-4 weeks.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the preorder sells out.

Updated: Apparently in response to demand, Ableton is having some issues with their webshop. Readers report some problems with accessing the site and ordering. We’ll let you know as these are resolved.

In the meantime, many cities around the world are hosting launch events. Ableton has a complete list. (Noticeably absent: Berlin. But… maybe Berlin doesn’t really need a special evening for such a thing. Just wait around in a bar any night of the week.)

Ableton Live 9 and Push Premiere Events

As lots of user groups and trainers provide hands-on looks at Live 9 and Push, Tom Cosm may win the prize, with a live-streamed set of Push tutorials you can watch right now. Enjoy:

Streaming by Ustream

  • digid

    And if only I could authorize my Live 9 Suite, all would be good … Well, better at least.

    • Peter Kirn

      Yes, it seems the webshop is having some… issues.

    • digid

      Yeah, they’ve taken down everything now. Oh well.

  • Eric Ameres

    hopefully my pre-order from musiciansfriend is here when I get back from Brazil!

  • Miguel Marcos

    Site’s back up. Push delivery is 2-4 weeks per the web site. I’d love one but I can’t afford one right now but maybe in the future. I also lust for the Elektron Analog 4 so that’s an issue, too!

    • Øivind Idsø

      It’s up, it’s down, it’s up, and it’s down again. Probably swamped. Not possible to authorize, though, and hasn’t been all day AFAIK.

    • Robert Chambers

      That’s disappointing.
      I don’t have any time to play with it for a few days, so hopefully things will have settled down by Thursday.

  • Robert Chambers

    I was having a difficult time with the webshop as well, but my download is moving along now. Disappointed I missed Tom Cosm’s live stream. Is CDM getting a Push (a Push?) to review? I’m very interested in playing with one. Does anyone know if they are going to be available at brick and mortar outlets at any time?

  • ooby

    where do you buy that steel case for the push?

  • Sven Lutz

    I do not quite get it, can i purchase the suite now and push later? I think i have to buy it with an Intro licence, but, i will be possible to use it with the suite?

    And what about the pricing? Am I under the right impression that i do not actually save money if i buy the suite+push package now?

    Weird there is nothing about this problem in the FAQs…

    • Liam Donaldson

      Probably true. My “deal” was a lousy $49 less for Live 9 Suite IF I also bought PUSH.
      No thanks.

  • haysholladay

    Seems to be working ok now.

    Is the entire Suite download (program+samples) only 667 MB or do you need to install the new library separately? 667 MB seems small for all the new sample collection bundled with it.

    • flocked

      You need to download the other packs separately. This has the advantage that you can choose which sounds you want to have on your computer. The whole Suite package is 50Gb 😉

  • Jeremy Pinnix

    Does anyone know if the ability to change keys and scales is built into the device directly, or if that is somehow dependent on Live 9. Basically, how possible is it to use this with Logic?

    • Peter Kirn

      The functionality is all dependent on Live. Now, it’ll work as a MIDI controller – but you’d have to reprogram that entire functionality. At least unless some hackers work this out.

    • Jeremy Pinnix

      Thanks, Peter.

    • flocked

      The complete brain of push is written in python and can be found under Ableton Live Remote Scripts/Push

      Push itself is only a midi controller, all the functions like keys and scaling is saved in the python scripts. They are compiled, so you can’t read them.

      Fortunately someone decompiled them:

      You could take the parts you like and write your own appilcation, etc. (or even change/add function to Push for Live)

    • Jeremy Pinnix

      That is most excellent. Thanks!

    • Jeremy Pinnix
    • papernoise

      Why would you want to use that with Logic? I mean Push is so totally designed around Live 9 that it does not really make much sense to use it with another DAW.

    • Jeremy Pinnix

      Understood. However, it would be nice to additionally use it as a monome-like control surface.

    • papernoise

      Yeah I totally agree on that! I’m actually quite looking forward to the moment when people will start to hack the hell out of this thing! There’s a lot of potential in it for creating stuff in Max or Supercollider! Just like they did create a lot of great scripts for the Launchpad. But here we have velocity sensitive pads, plus encoders and a display! Which of course will make it also more challenging to program.