Let’s not leave this discussion on the 100th International Women’s Day with only words. One commenter noted that they had no female producers in their library. Now that means your library is almost certainly missing some important music. From Electric Indigo, founder of femalepressure (whose report was in today’s story), comes a mix of a selection of some of my own favorite producers, people who inspire me personally in electronic music. Your list would no doubt differ, but – well, I like her tastes.

There are many complex windows into questions of gender, identity, and politics as relate to musical expression, to electronic musical interface design and what they’ve meant culturally and socio-politically.

Here’s something much simpler: anyone who says women aren’t electronic music producers is mainly just wrong.

And that means if you do live in a world in which, depressingly, all producers look the same (whatever that means to you, or whatever you’ve been told), you don’t have to live there. I would hope that we can all see ourselves in a world where, as musicians, we can look like and be whomever we want, making whatever kind of music we want. I can’t imagine anyone not needing that on some personal level in the arts.

More Electric Indigo goodness – from experimental electronic music and composition to dark, pulsing alien percussion planets – and I’d be happy to declare it International Artists With Names Involving Colors in the Blue Spectrum Day just to queue it up. Below, Chiffres, a composition “for computer, 5 discrete channels, 21 languages in 36 dialects”:

…and her POMCAST, for more of her selection talents (and a nice way to have some delicious darkness in your sounds on this Friday evening):

Tracklist for the all-female playlist at top (including women remixing male artists – a reminder of how much richer we are for having more producers involved in music, whoever they may be):
01. Chra – Land(of)Mine – female:pressure open:sounds
02. Cio D’Or – Brokat – Prologue
03. Electric Indigo & Irradiation – Phytoplankton (Rossella Remix) – TEMP~Records
04. Chra – Dark Animals – female:pressure open:sounds
05. Mia Grobelny – Dreams Come True – Sub Static
06. Plastikman – Ask Yourself (Irradiation Remix) – @burnstudios
07. Cio D’Or – Pailletten (Version) – Prologue
08. Pointdot – Indigo – Blaq
09. Margaret Dygas – Only Painted – HarryKleinNetworks
10. Aline Raphael – Lilomom – Catenaccio
11. Cio D’Or – Kimono (Mavi Remix) – female:pressure open:sounds
12. Jenn – Sanssouci – KarateKlub
13. Clara Moto – Darkling – female:pressure open:sounds
14. Melon – Spring (Innersphere AKA Shinedoe Remix) – Ratio? Music
15. Steffi feat. Virginia – Yours – OstgutTon
16. Maus – Dancing On You – Soundbeat
17. Kate Simko – Down Beat – Spectral Sounds
18. ZoëXenia – Cherish – Connaisseur
19. Stefny – Shebeen – Contexterrior
20. Steffi – Hidden Track – OstgutTon
21. Violett – B.A. Spring Smells Like You – HarryKleinNetworks
22. Shinedoe – Amsterdam Meets Berlin – Podium
23. Larissa Kapp – You – Tjumy
24. Xyramat – Korruption – Xyramat
25. Margaret Noble – Nufon – female:pressure open:sounds
26. Ada – Forty Winks – IRR
27. Xyramat – Fragen – female:pressure open:sounds
28. Daniela Stickroth – The Slot – Lineal
29. Electric Indigo – Angara – indigo:inc
30. Magda – Dr. Secret Tooth – Beatport
31. Camea – Moan – HarryKleinNetworks
32. Pointdot – Order Slowder – Blaq
33. Irradiation – Contraction – TEMP~Records
34. Water Lilly – Turbulent Tune – female:pressure open:sounds
35. Bloody Mary – Moesta Et Errabunda – Contexterrior
36. Xyramat – Korruption II – Xyramat
37. Chloé – Be Kind To Me – Kill The DJ
38. Cio D’Or – Mystic – Prologue

Here’s female:pressure touring Japan, in a 2009 documentary:

  • Jim Aikin

    Delia Derbyshire was not too visible, but she was a major force at the BBC. From what I’ve read, the score to Forbidden Planet, credited to Lucius and Bebe Barron, was mainly Bebe’s work. And of course Wendy Carlos.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      And Laurie Spiegel. And… yes, then we get into the usual (but hugely significant) list. What’s interesting about these women is that they weren’t just *among* pioneers – they were significant enough that it’s hard to imagine the trajectory of electronic music without them.

      Lately, I’ve been researching someone not in music tech, but whose ideas I find simply astounding (and because of work I’m doing, relevant to music again)


      She actually seems to be the person who settled on “model view controller” terminology. Actually dig into her writing with Alan Kay, and a lot of what we now take for granted in how computers work, look, behave, are used, and are developed come out of her brain. It’s extraordinary.

      Oh, and she tried to convince XEROX that they shouldn’t let Steve Jobs look at what they were doing, meaning she played Cassandra when they gave away the store.

      That team at XEROX PARC by the way always had music as a central element of what a computer was, interesting in itself. But the way Goldberg in particular articulated some of these concepts is simply stunning, some 35 years later.

  • Zlobodan

    what’s that delirium about gender ????? Same on Synthopia website…..are you going crazy ??

  • http://www.dylandigits.com dylan digits

    Glad to see Cio D’Or popping up in that mix a few times; Die Faser was a great album and I’m happy to see that she’s touring again after a stress-related break.

    Also as one of the other commenters mentioned, synthopia has a post about femalepressure/International Women’s Day as well and the comments there are indicative of another reason lots of us don’t try to engage or ever spend time on blogs or message boards: open hostility in the form of good ol boys cracking jokes. Big up to CDM and the CDM community for not being assholes; I wish offer the same praise to other online communities.

    • Robert Chambers

      That thread is outrageous. Though most of the overtly ignorant comments got down-voted into oblivion, it’s still disappointing to read comment after comment by people who are seemingly unaware that they’re relying on sexist language to try and back up their anecdotal evidence about women in music; or who feign outrage so they can continue to pretend that sexism doesn’t exist.

  • Jeff Sandys

    You missed my favorite woman producer, Natasha Kmeto, She is playing at SXSW and her new EP is getting a lot of buzz. Natasha does it all from composition to delivery, with singing, keyboards and programming Max for Live.

    None the less, this is a great mix with Pointdot and Xyramat, thanks.