FL Studio on iOS is one of the nicer, more full-featured production suites out there. And iOS users now get Universal support (so yo don’t have to buy iPhone and iPad apps separately), iPhone 5 display support, Audiobus input and output, multitrack recording, Dropbox import and export and enhanced zipped-up exports of whole projects, and waveform editing – wow.

FL Studio Mobile

But a bigger surprise is Android support. There’s not complete feature parity support yet, but that’s coming (and most of the functionality is there.) Generally, Image Line claims you can run on any 2.3 or later device.


Given how many different kind of devices can fall under the label “Android,” just what do you get?

Well, any display screen will work, but they directly support “1280×800, 800×480, 960×640 and 480×320” – covering the most typical sizes.

And latency is really a matter of the capabilities of your individual device. Sonoma Wire Works were at Musikmesse (and NAMM) touting their own low-latency engine solution, but that would require adoption from OEMs. And generally speaking, OEMs haven’t adopted even Google’s own, limited low-latency solution (currently available only on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 10, not even Google’s own recent Nexus 7).

My guess is that latency will still be a frustration. I’d recommend a multi-core device – FL Studio is specifically optimized for multi-core – and one of the resolutions above, plus a low-latency Nexus if you can find one. Otherwise, you should at least get what Image-Line calls their “battery-friendly” performance, and latency reasonable enough for working on production and arrangement if not live performance.

I still recommend iOS for this kind of work, but choice is good and healthy, so this is nice to see! I have a Samsung tablet, so I’ll test it on that. And on either platform, FL Studio Mobile is clearly an app to beat.

Don’t like any of this tablet/phone business? Well, FL Studio is coming to Windows touchscreens, too, as reported by Synthtopia. Watch:

  • Spazmatron

    I know you’ve covered this before, but things change fast in technology. I really want to switch from iPhone to one of the newer Samsung phones (galaxy s3/4, or note2). The thing that holds me back is the audio latency an lack of cool synth/drum/sampling/daw/looping apps. I haven’t really done that much research, so can you tell me when or if making the change won’t mean sacrificing all the sweet iOS audio apps? Obviously this article is one example, but I mean more in general. Thanks for all the good coverage!

    • http://www.facebook.com/steve.conrad.9022 Steve Conrad

      Danny at eXtremeAudio is making good progress on low latency Android audio.
      Details here:

    • foljs

      Well, seeing that Android gets a negligible part of the music apps action, making the change will sure mean sacrificing all the iOS audio apps.

      And even the apps you will get will have more latency etc, depending on your device but also overall.

      Btw, the fist paragraph of eXtremeAudio’s page, doesn’t really inspire much confidence either:

      “””eXtream Software Development has written a custom USB audio driver from scratch because Android ***does not support USB audio*** (even Android 4.1 contrary to popular believe!).”””

      No built-in support for USB audio also means less apps (they would have to build a driver themselves or license one — and since drivers are low level, they won’t be able to make it work well on all various Android hardware).

      Not to mention that the page is linked as proof that “he is making good progress on low latency Android audio”, but he doesn’t even mention latency at all.

      And the “Hint: for most reliable recording, put your device into ‘Airplane’ mode and shut down as many tasks as possible using task killers such as ‘Advanced Task Killer’.” is also scary. Never had to do that on an iOS device.

    • PaulDavisTheFirst

      all of which, in the grand scheme of things, is just another example of android stupidify. android runs a linux kernel which could trivially contain device drivers for every audio interface supported by linux (which is a huge list, even if you exclude the plugin-into-the-PCI-backplane ones). but no … instead we have to have some 3rd party “driver” development to support just USB audio.

      gaaaaaahhhh!!! google goggles …. or google lack of vision?

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      I still can’t recommend Android as a music platform. Support for audio and MIDI hardware, audio and MIDI development, and low-latency audio performance are all significantly better on iOS – and that’s before we get to the health of the app ecosystem, which is so much better on iOS any comparison is downright embarrassing.


      The reason I’d run a story like this is, there are some options for people who for one reason or another chose Android because it was the right choice. And because things move fast, it is possible for the above situation to change. (or, more to the point, it’s possible for Google to change it.)

      And a whole lot of the code developers write is ultimately portable. So there is potential for the future.

      I wouldn’t go buy the Android hardware, in other words, expecting music apps to be a primary use. But if you’ve got it, having FL as a choice could be terrific. (And that’s what I’ll be doing, since I have a spare tablet that runs Android here.)

    • http://twitter.com/iOSMusician iOS Musician Blog

      wait until an android device with this in it is released that’s what i’m gonna do: http://www.sonomawireworks.com/pr/android-low-latency-audio-solution.php

  • Christopher Davis

    $20 bucks for an app with no demo…ouch. welcome to the world of iOS apps.

    • Radiophobic

      Android users can get refunds.

    • Christopher Davis

      yeah it used be a 24 hour window, but now it’s only 15min. that’s barely enough time to download, install, open an app up and poke around. it’s not enough time to actually fully test it out, then request a refund if it doesn’t fit your needs. Most app developers know this and offer a save-disabled trial version.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Kgbinformant Bryan J Faber

      Try aptoide installer, in play store. Then search it once the aptoide bootleg free paid apps. Fl studio for free,
      The installer can be deleted afterward.
      I have this on ipad4 with midi keyboard and midi electric drum kit as controls.
      It’s not as good as pc version but its close. Well worth )20 on ipad4

    • Jack

      How do you get a refund, I’ve tried to but there isn’t an option to, it just says uninstall.

    • foljs

      How is $20 bucks and no demo any different than eating at any random restaurant?

    • http://www.facebook.com/Kgbinformant Bryan J Faber

      I have it on ipad4. I really like it. I can’t stand morons like this guy.

    • Broc kelley

      Wow, really fishing for that upvote aren’t ya…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525170910 Ellis Breen

    Getting very good latency on my Galaxy Nexus with this – feels instantaneous and highly playable. The Nexus 4 feels clunkier – I’m guessing more in the 50-100ms range.

    • davydka

      Same here. Nexus 4 is pretty laggy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbjmm Mario Bjm Bajardi

    FL STUDIO the best !

  • RoachDBug

    This runs great with no perceivable latency on my Galaxy Nexus, but has noticeable delays and hiccups on my Nexus 7.

    “OEMs haven’t adopted even Google’s own, limited low-latency solution (currently available only on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 10, not even Google’s own recent Nexus 7).”

    seems to be spot on.

  • http://barryeuphorik.tumblr.com/ Barry Euphorik

    Once i’ve got a decent android device i’m gonna get this. Being able to write music on the move is a must.

    • Broc kelley

      Do you think the new Galaxy Note 10.1 will be able to run the full FL studio? There are supposedly coming out with a 12.2 inch dual boot tablet that will run Windows 8 32 bit, so that’ll be enough..though it’ll probably cost over $700

    • http://barryeuphorik.tumblr.com/ Barry Euphorik

      I have no idea. Would be ideal though.