April Fools’ Day is turning into an avalanche of PR stunts. (Want to really fool people? Release your fake product in July. Oddly, so much of the game is whether anything is real or to be taken seriously, maybe the Internet has sort of spoiled the whole thing.)

But this is something different: spot-on parody from the crew at Manhattan’s Dubspot.

And… just keep watching. You really don’t want to miss Celine Dion.

My only fear is that something like this may soon be real, knowing the products that have tried to cash in on Dubstep. (That’s Dubstep, not to be confused with Dubspot.) Maybe there’s an implicit, if fun-loving, critique of formulaic music genres. Or maybe, just maybe, Phil Collins is about to get a new career in America’s EDM circuit. Consider it, Phil.

As for trap music as a style – well, as I was just telling someone on Facebook, part of why I went to Europe is that America is just, as ever, way behind culturally. CDM will shortly be covering the new scene coming out of Austria, Von Trapp. It’s really one of my favorite things. (Also: DJ Ackbar, from Italy, has a banging new EP; not to resort to base racial stereotypes, but it may soon have you shouting, “itsa trap!”)

  • Dave Truong

    The video length is 808 haha

    • Peter Kirn

      Ha, I actually didn’t catch that!

  • C’mon

    No offense Peter but the fact is that trap and bass music is nothing but southern rap music which to be honest and fair has been going on since before most of your readership was born all the way back before even the 2 live crew, so as usual, America is not behind culturally it’s so far ahead that people think they’re doing something original long after America’s gotten tired of it…….. I think it’s time for you to come home you’re far too intelligent to not know where bass music came from.

    • gwenhwyfaer

      Brilliant pastiche of kneejerk jingoism there, C’mon. Completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

    • C’mon

      Wow I thought my sarcasm was obvious, I name dropped the 2 live crew for gods sake you guys need to have your butts pinched, still love you Peter even when panning…………see what I did there.

    • gwenhwyfaer
    • skippy
    • Peter Kirn

      Um, I was joking. I thought that should have been reasonably clear – I tend not to mix references to Return of the Jedi with serious music criticism.

    • skippy

      Peter, not point fingers or anything but maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss the issue of race in this area, however you want to call it EDM, electronica, whatever. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Jm Jones
  • rodriguez connie

    What’s the discussion here really about? Skippy are you and gwen saying that cmon is being racist or what? I don’t get it.

  • Gryffin Becker

    Not to derail the unique direction this thread has taken, but … In a year that has featured an insufferably countless number of trite, boring, and outright lame April Fools Day “jokes”, the dubspot guys just ***nailed*** it. You know how sometimes _The Onion_ will publish something that is just so perfectly funny that you’ll giggle about it for years? This is like that.